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    Where the hell did she go?

    Washington D.C. -November 1, 2009- Sunday

    Feeling a small body wrapping around her own, Bette rolled over to see her daughter resting peacefully in the spot next to her. Smiling softly, she gently played with the defined curls that surrounded the angelic face.

    Trying to not disturb Angie, she carefully sat up in the bed and stretched her sore muscles. Looking around the bedroom, she noticed that the blonde was not there.

    Briefly looking over to the left side of her, she saw that the side was perfectly made; as if no one slept in it.

    Confused, Bette got out of the bed and grabbed a robe that was swinging on the doorframe of the bathroom. Slipping on a pair of slippers, she gently opened the bedroom door and padded down into the kitchen.

    Seeing the living room and kitchen completely empty, she walked back down the hallway towards Tina’s office.

    Opening the door, she saw that Tina’s safe was opened. Walking in and looking around, she noticed some things have been disturbed.

    Bending down to look inside the dark safe, she saw nothing. It was emptied.

    Feeling something was wrong, but not wanting to completely panic, she got up from the floor and closed the office door. Walking back out towards the living room, she walked down the hallway towards the front door.

    Opening up the front closet, she noticed that the shoes Tina wore last night weren’t there. Furrowing her brows, she walked back down the hallway to look at the chest where Tina would usually throw her car keys.


    “Did she not come home last night?” she whispered to herself. “Where the hell did she go?”

    Walking back into the master suite, she hurriedly unplugged her phone from her charger and left the bedroom.

    Dialing the second speed dial, she put the phone up to her head to be automatically greeted.

    “We’re sorry; you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try your call again.”

    “What the hell is going on?” Bette said to herself in the room, worried as she looked down at the phone in her hands.

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    1. Dr. A says

      OMG!!!!OMG!!!! TINA GOT SHOT???!!😥😥😥😥

    2. SassyGran says

      2 o’clock in the morning here in the UK!
      I should be sleeping and will be of little use when the alarm rings to start my day in a few hours!
      That’s the consequence of me not being able to sleep before I read your post !
      I probably still won’t sleep now I’ve read it!
      Absolutely gripped by this story, hate the cliff hangers!
      Worried for Tina and sad for Bette.
      Please post again as soon as possible.

    3. Bibi28 says


      Oh my God, how can you leave us like that!!! I want to know if Tina will be allright and catched that man.

      It must be so hard for Tina to just up and leave Bette & Angie, just to keep them save. I do wonder if Bette found the ring and note Tina left her.

      This is all so hard and must be a total horror for Bette, but i do think she will forgive Tina if she comes back alive.

      If i was in Tina’s position i would do everything to keep my family save.

      Please, update asap.

    4. BAT2012 says

      Kylie has Angie been legally adopted by Bette at this point in your story? In her dangerous line of work I’m sure Tina has made arrangements for Angie that may not include Bette since they were separated. Keeping her family safe is admirable but Tina seems oblivious to the pain and suffering she’s causing by her actions. She could have at least told Bette she was going on a case instead of just disappearing. Looking forward to how things work out. Thanks for an intriguing story.

        • BAT2012 says

          Thank you Kylie. Awaiting your update. Tina said in an earlier chapter that she was prepared to live her new life without Bette, so didn’t expect that she would have allowed her to adopt Angie after the breakup. I don’t think she ever did on the show even though they shared custody. At least that’s one less heartbreak that Bette has to suffer unless something happens to Angie too. Anxiously awaiting your next post. Enjoy spring break.

          • Kylie says

            When I wrote that part- I looked at it from Tina’s point of view in a sense that she was ready to live without Bette in her [ romantic ] life.

            And thank you :) I hope you enjoy your week as well.

    5. Finn422 says

      Will there be an update any time soon? I need to prepare myself for another week without knowing about Tina! I might have to find a good meds or have a few drinks…I feel an anxiety attack coming on!!! LOL I hope you had a great restful and relaxing spring break.

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