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    Where the hell is she?

    Bette and Tina had suffered many disappointments throughout their 15 years as a couple, but when they stood at the Trailways bus station waiting for the young mother of the son they were adopting to get off the bus from Nevada to then realize that she’d never gotten on, was akin to the hopelessness of losing their first child to miscarriage seven years earlier.

    The anticipation of the happy reunion with the young woman they had both become very fond of turned to anxiety, worry, then anger … ‘where the hell is she?’ Bette asked rhetorically as she sat on the steps in front of the doorway leading to the bus station waiting area. She pulled out her cell phone, and speed-dialed Marci’s number for the fourth time while Tina talked to the bus driver.

    “Perhaps she’s fallen asleep.” She suggested.

    “Lady, if it’ll make you happy go look for yourself. I guarantee there is no one left on that bus. All the luggage has been off-loaded too.” He said pointing at the empty cargo compartments on the side.

    Seeing the desperation in Bette’s eyes when she looked up from the phone after yet another call going to voicemail Tina boarded the bus followed by the driver. She walked down the aisle to the very back swinging her head to the right and left, checking every row of seats. She called out to Marci knowing it was a fruitless gesture as her optimism diminished with every step.

    Tina turned around swiftly, startled to find the driver standing so close. Even though he had explained that it was against company policy to let anyone on the bus unescorted especially between trips and without a ticket she figured he would just watch her from the doorway, but he’d followed her all the way to the back.

    He smiled apologetically then moved out of the way, so Tina could walk ahead of him as they left the bus. He took his responsibility for the safety and well-being of his passengers to heart and that meant making sure the bus was not tampered with. Sadly, with so much malevolence in the world it wouldn’t be beyond reason to suspect Bette and Tina’s predicament was a ploy to get access to the bus in order to plant a bomb or something as sinister. He had to take every precaution to make sure nothing was left on the bus but in his heart, he felt this couple was not feigning their distress. He decided to break one more company policy in his effort to ease their worry.

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      • Hi K. It’s been a while. Thank you for the welcome back. I’ve really got to get my creative juices flowing to keep up with you and the many talented writers I’ve been reading lately. We’ll see what I come up with.

      • Zhenya. Thank you for the welcome back. I’m so happy to see your comment. I agree with you about the idea of having Marci live with them until the baby is born but I’m keeping the storyline with a different outcome. I look forward to your thoughts.

      • Bibi28. Thank you for the welcome back. I too am curious how the story will develop. In the past two days I already changed my mind three times about the outcome as I am writing chapter 2. I look forward to your comments once I finally decide and post it.

      • I’m excited to see you here, and thank you for reading my stories and welcoming me back. I so enjoy reading your comments and insights on so many stories. As I mentioned in my author’s notes the conversations in the comments are very engaging and enriching to the stories. Thank you for that.

      • SG, my dear so great to see you here. I hope you are well and staying safe. Looking forward to your comments on this story. However of my unfinished stories which one do you think I should work on first? From here to eternal love or Love the bridge between our differences? Or is there another one that you prefer. I really appreciate you for all the years you’ve been such a great supporter and so forgiving even though I’ve left you hanging. I do remember that you don’t care for cliff-hangers :-)

        • Dear BAT,
          Any continuation from you would be well received. I cannot decide between the one’s mentioned.

          Can’t say 2020 has been a good year and does not look like getting better very soon ; in the Second Spike here in UK.
          Stay safe

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