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    Wine and Dine

    The White House

    The Private Residency of the President

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette slowly walked out of the bedroom, she had gone for a shirt, vest and trousers with flat shoes. She slowly walked into the living room, she was nervous. It wasn’t often she got nervous. She didn’t want to mess this up. She stood at the fireplace, her hand gripping her cane, the other in her pocket as she watched the flames lapping at the wood. She was lost in thought when the door opened. She knew that it could only be Tina. she turned and her jaw almost dropped. Tina looked stunning in a tight fitting purple dress with matching heels. Her legs and boobs on show. The dress hugged her curves and was miles away from the business dress that Bette had seen her in.

    “My Goodness you look stunning,” Bette said, taking her in from head to foot.

    “Thank you, you look good yourself,” Tina was tentative. She wasn’t sure at all.

    Bette smiled, they were both as nervous as each other.



    “If we are going to explore this we are going to have to learn that we are equals in this.”

    “I’m scared,” Tina admitted not walking further into the room.

    Bette nodded. She understood,

    “Follow me,”

    Tina followed Bette into the large dinning room where two places had been set, they both sat down and Bette poured them each a glass of fine before she got up and put out their first course. As they both sat Bette looked at Tina,

    “Why are you scared?” Bette asked

    “You’re the President of the United States, you’re in the highest place. If we do enter into a relationship it will become public. All eyes will be on us. I may be replacing your first First Lady. I’m not good enough for that.”

    “You are,” Bette said softly

    “You barely know me,”

    “Then let me get to know you,” Bette smiled.

    “You’re so sure of this,”

    “Listen to me. We are attracted to each other. I want to explore it. I’m not sure how long we can keep it a secret but I want to fully explore this and maybe you.” She winked.

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    1. Well, Helena is a piece of work. What possible benefit can she get from making her affair with the now dead First Lady public, possibly do for her? For the most part, I would think that the public would be more sympathetic toward Bette. After all, her wife cheated on her and she then her wife was killed, but she was severely injured. And now, the woman whom her wife cheated with is out telling all?

      Good chapter…. keep posting.

    2. What a piece of shit is Helena, is this her revenge for not getting a role in Bette’s administration, did she really think she would be rewarded for pleasing the President’s wife?! Tina watch out you don’t get sucked in by this bitch. But I think Tina knows exactly what a piece of shit Helena is and will put her in her place if she even try something.

      Love your story UKendeavour!

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