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    Wine and Dine

    Tina finally laughed. They eat and the conversation followed, both exchanging stories about their childhoods and younger selves. Getting to know each other. Laughing and joking. They had a lot in common and seemed to share a lot of the same opinions.

    They both found each other’s company relaxing. Bette loved that Tina was open and funny, she was a well education woman. Bette loved that she had a sense of humour and was showing her more and more of her personality. The dinner ended too soon. Tina knew she had to leave. They walked to the front door together after Bette had phoned for a car to collect her.

    “Thank you for this evening,” Tina said softly.

    “It’s my pleasure, I’ve really enjoyed tonight,” Bette stood within Tina’s personal space,

    Tina licked her lips and decided to do it. She moved forward and kissed Bette. Bette dropped her cane and wrapped her arms around Tina and pulled her close.

    The kiss turning passionate quickly, their tongues duelling. Slowly Tina pulled away and gently pushed Bette’s hair out her Bette’s face.  Her fingers grazing Bette’s face. They both felt that sexual spark.

    “What a lovely way to finish the evening,” Bette commented.

    “It is, Thank you Bette.“

    “Can we do this again?” Bette asked her hands resting in the centre of Tina’s back.

    “After that kiss you’re asking?” Tina whispered.

    “Yes, I need reassurance.”

    Tina nodded,

    “I can’t wait for a second date Bette.” Tina gently pulled back and then lent down and picked up Bette’s cane handing it back to her.

    Bette felt her heart beat quicker that she’d done an act of kindness without being asked or asking. Bette took the cane and then kissed Tina one last time before there was a knock on the door. Bette opened the door and two of her Detail were there to show Tina out. Bette smiled and watched her go before closing the door. she took a deep breath. She was glad she’d managed the whole evening without being called. She walked back into the living and sat down. She could still feel Tina’s lips on hers. She knew in that moment she was in love and she knew it was for the rest of her life.

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    1. Well, Helena is a piece of work. What possible benefit can she get from making her affair with the now dead First Lady public, possibly do for her? For the most part, I would think that the public would be more sympathetic toward Bette. After all, her wife cheated on her and she then her wife was killed, but she was severely injured. And now, the woman whom her wife cheated with is out telling all?

      Good chapter…. keep posting.

    2. What a piece of shit is Helena, is this her revenge for not getting a role in Bette’s administration, did she really think she would be rewarded for pleasing the President’s wife?! Tina watch out you don’t get sucked in by this bitch. But I think Tina knows exactly what a piece of shit Helena is and will put her in her place if she even try something.

      Love your story UKendeavour!

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