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    Wine and Dine


    The White House

    The Oval Office

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    James walked into the Oval office as Bette slammed the phone down. She was having a touch day and it wasn’t getting easier for her.

    “Yes, James,” she said looking at up at him,

    “Helena Peabody is here to see you,”

    Bette closed her eyes.

    “And I’m guessing as she’s made it into the Oval office outer office she has an appointment,”

    “Yes Ma’am it’s about her role.”

    “She doesn’t have one,”

    “She doesn’t seem to understand that,”

    “Show her in James,” Bette didn’t bother standing.

    Helena walked into the room and stood looking at Bette. she still had that evil glint in her eye that Bette had seen before she’d been appointed as Victoria’s Chef of Staff.

    “What can I do for you Helena?” Bette asked,

    “Well Madam President I was hoping to talk to you about my role in your administration.”

    “You don’t have a role,”

    “I was hoping to have one.”

    Bette wanted to laugh.

    “You’re hoping for a role in my administration?”

    “Yes, I’ve always served at the pleasure of the President,”

    “You were serving pleasure to the First Lady,” Bette bit out.

    “You’re going to hold that against me,” Helana asked, she even looked a little smug.

    “You think I’m not going to hold against you the fact you were fucking my late wife.” Bette asked.

    “I was very good at my job,” Helena said

    “You may have been but I will not be giving you a job in my administration,” Bette said softly.

    “I was hoping the bridges hadn’t been burnt Ma’am,”

    “You burnt them not me.” Bette pressed a buzzer on her desk and James walked back into the room.

    “James can you see Ms Peabody out, I’ve got another meeting,”

    Helena knew she had been dismissed. She smiled before walking out.

    Bette took a deep breath, her hands were shaking. She needed her medication, some food and water before her next meeting. She closed her eyes for a moment and her thoughts went back to Tina, the feeling of Tina’s soft lips on hers. She opened her eyes and pressed the buzzer again and James came back in, she ordered her lunch and got on with the rest of her afternoon.


    Press Article.

    Online New source




    Former Chef of Staff to the late First Lady Victoria Porter-Johnson has admitted she was having an affair with her at the time of her death. Helena Peabody, daughter of billionaire Peggie Peabody had an in depth interview on the Russell Masters Podcast, she openly admitted.

    “At the time of her death, her marriage was on the rocks. I’d been sleeping  with Victoria for about six months. It started before the President was elected. I was working with Victoria and Elizabeth was lost in her election campaign.”

    When asked about Victoria’s death a mare four weeks into the President’s term. She said “I was lost. I stood alone at her grave side a day after she was buried. I’d lost the woman I was in love with. I knew the nation was moaning.”

    We reached out to Victoria’s parents for comment, no comment has been made.

    The White House commented, “What happens behind closed doors is private. The President does not wish to comment on the claims of the affair. After nearly two years the President has come to terms with the untimely death of her partner of ten years. she would like to say the relationship was never perfect but she loved her late wife dearly.”

    The President was left using a cane full time after the suicide bombing of the lobby of the Deigo Hotel in San Deigo two years ago.

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    1. Well, Helena is a piece of work. What possible benefit can she get from making her affair with the now dead First Lady public, possibly do for her? For the most part, I would think that the public would be more sympathetic toward Bette. After all, her wife cheated on her and she then her wife was killed, but she was severely injured. And now, the woman whom her wife cheated with is out telling all?

      Good chapter…. keep posting.

    2. What a piece of shit is Helena, is this her revenge for not getting a role in Bette’s administration, did she really think she would be rewarded for pleasing the President’s wife?! Tina watch out you don’t get sucked in by this bitch. But I think Tina knows exactly what a piece of shit Helena is and will put her in her place if she even try something.

      Love your story UKendeavour!

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