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    Tina slowly pushed Xavier’s stroller towards Bette’s Gallery. She had been in the city for a doctor’s appointment, she picked up for lunch and was now on her way to see her wife. She opened the door to gallery and pushed Xavier into the gallery and smiled at the walls which were currently covered in colourful abstract art. Tina slowly walked around the paintings with Xavier who was sleeping. She was enjoying seeing some other art.

    “Enjoying yourself there Ms Kennard,” Bette’s voice came from behind her.

    Tina smiled, she turned and took in her wife.

    “The art is amazing,”

    “Yeah it’s a group show. Five different artists. We are trying to sell them but it’s not going great,” Bette admitted

    “Why not?”

    “They are not big names and even Peggie doesn’t want them.”

    “I’ve had an email from Peggie this morning,” Tina said smiling softly

    “About?” Bette asked as she picked up Xavier who had opened his eyes and was looking around.

    “She’ made an offer for Lonely Nights,”

    “The 8footx8food finger painting?”

    “Yes, she has a new house and wants it in the hallway, and don’t call finger painting, it’s an abstract piece of art,”

    “I know sorry I shouldn’t have said finger painting. Hey buddy,” She kissed his head and showed him the pictures and he giggled at the bight colours.

    “You’ve not asked how much she offered.” Tina said.

    “I’ve also not asked how your hospital appointment. How was that?”

    “It was good, my levels are even. I’m okay.” Tina said smiling as Xavier reached for her. Tina took him and kissed him.

    “That’s good, no Peggy?”

    “Can we go into your office, I’ve brought you lunch,”

    “Yeah sure, you better have some lunch for you too,”

    “I do.” Tina smiled as Bette took control of the stroller and they went into her large office she took out the salads, as Tina sat down with Xavier on her knee.

    “So Peggy?” Bette asked as they started eating

    “She’s offered me $550,000, for that piece and she’d like to commission me to do another piece she wants a series of pencil drawings.”

    “How much is she willing to pay for the set?”

    “She wants a set of five pencil drawings. She has photos she would like me to sit and draw.”

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    1. “I was jealous, I love our friendship,” “No, that was more than jealously,” Bette said, “You called my wife crazy. She’s not crazy.”“I know, I know she has mental health issues, Kit has rammed that one into my head,” “No one should have to ram it down your throat. Alice you’ve blown it. You’ve made me and my wife feel bad, you’ve got people talking behind our backs. You’ve hurt us and it’s creepy,”“I’m sorry,”“Too little too late,”“Are you saying our friendship is completely over?”“Yes, Alice,” Bette said slowly. “Look you brought this on yourself.”

      FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! And now on to Shane. No more sitting on the fence. No more protecting Alice. She knowingly violated a restraining order. No more Alice being Alice. Rammed that into her head? Say no more!! Of course, Alice is going to blame Tina. And why is Kit even talking to her and allowing Alice in the Planet?????? Really?? What is the deal with these people??? Cut this monster loose. On the plus side Tina is making a boatload of cash off of Peggy. One question – why didn’t Xavier stay home with a nurse? Tina should not be driving alone with her son.

      • This Alice and normal cannot go in the same sentence. Remember all she has done. Remember what Shane said about Alice and other women who pursued Bette. Remember that this is nothing new. Missing Bette is too bad. There is nothing normal about Alice.

    2. With Alice’s last visit to the gallery, Alice basically told Bette to choose between Tina and herself. Well, Bette choose Tina without blinking an eye. Sometimes, you get what you ask for.. and Alice is getting it.

      Kit talking to Alice is a surprise… but it may not be at the Planet. They still maybe having their “family cookouts” making sure that Alice is never with Bette and Tina. Tina.. what is your problem. Can you not observe the rules? No contact means no contact. If you want to talk to Bette, write a letter and put your case in writing…. if Bette is interested, she will respond. If not well, She’s not. What Alice needs to do is to be able to put herself in Bette’s shoes. Bette falls in love with Tina. She marries Tina. Assist in building a new home with Tina and they move to where Tina wants to live. She has a child with Tina. And Tina is not like anyone you know. Tina has a problem with social adjusting and she has a mental illness. But Bette more dedicated than ever to being with this woman as her lover, friend, wife and partner. Its now been 4 years and Bette is stronger than ever in love with Tina. In what universe does Alice live in where Bette would give that up for a friendship to a possessive psycho?

      I think this conversation makes Alice more dangerous than she was before…..she now has the full rejection and no opportunity for redemption. This is the point where Alice will take some action probably against Tina or she will disappear never to be seen again.

      The prices Tina is getting for her art put her in the most highly compensated group of living artist in the world. And considering he career is still in the beginning stages, it seems really incredible. Tina is in her early thirties and if she produces 10 to 12 pieces per year, she could command an income of 3 million per year for another 50 years. That’s Peggy Peabody territory. And that is low end of $250,000 per piece. That’s a lot more money than she ever would have made as an attorney and a lot less hours.

      Thanks for the chapter… Glad Bette gave Alice the score… can’t wait to see what happens next..

      • Agree. And Tina should not be in the city with Xavier for a doctors appointment alone – and no nurse! Not good at all. What if something spooked her and she took off? What if she ran into Alice? Why would Bette allow this? Xavier still has special needs and Tina agreed to the nurses. I don’t get her traveling with the baby alone. And Tina needs to take more of an interest in Bette. Too much about her art. About her. How is Bette doing? Really? She’s given up everything for Tina. How is she really?

      • My thoughts too. No nurse and navigating a doctor’s appointment is hard as it is with a newborn. I worry about Tina not taking her condition seriously. And I worry about Bette. No one asks how she is doing. And I worry about Alice. Lots of worry, UK. Please post soon.

    3. I’m concerned over Tina’s stability to navigate LA alone. A myriad of things could’ve triggered her putting Xavier on danger. I feel like Bette is on a island of sorts. She has Kit and Shane but it’s a lot for Bette…work, Xavier, and Tina. Now, business seems to be stalling.

      As far as Alice, she is more than jealous. I think she’s in love even with Bette certainly obsessive. I feel this is not the last of Alice and she may escalate.

      So good. Thanks. Please post soon.

      • Deanna you said it all perfectly. Bette has sacrificed everything for Tina and now it looks like her LA gallery may be suffering. “They are not big names and even Peggie doesn’t want them.” Yet Peggy does want Tina’s work and pays ridiculous prices. Poor Bette. London already endured a crisis. As BK asks – no one ever asks how Bette is doing. Not very well I fear. Too much stress. Too many distractions. Tina going off on her own is not helpful!

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