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    Worth FIghting For



    “Broken. Her mental health is the reason she got up and left. She thought she was not worthy of me and Xavier,” Bette shook her head as she looked out of the window of the private room.

    “Has she always been ill?” Shane asked

    “Yes, but it’s been very different, I mean she’s very anti-social, she doesn’t like the city. She’s been alone a lot of her life. I think her parents may have abused her and she’s hidden it. She’s cracked. She thinks that we don’t want her. She left because she thought she had too.” Bette explained.

    “Can we get her help?”

    “I can and I will, it’s important to me. She may never be completely free of it but I want her to have the best help to ensure she can have the best life. Xavier and I need her. I love her so fucking much” Bette admitted

    “We know, you’ve changed your life completely to be with her. She loves you just as deeply. She’s struggling and whatever we can do to help you…”

    “I know. I need to get her home but she’s going to need so much help. I need to find a therapist that she trusts. She needs to talk, she needs the right medication and she needs understanding and love.”

    “Everything that you can give to her.”

    “I’m scared of losing her. Waking up and her being gone scared the shit out of me.”

    “I bet. Anything you need we will help,”

    “Erm If it’s not too much to ask can you get us some nightclothes for Tina, I’m not sure how long she’s gonna be here and she’s uncomfortable in the gown they have her in.”

    “Yeah sure, do you need anything?”

    “I will have to go home this evening and I’ve got enough stuff for Xavier till we head home.”

    “Okay, I will get some stuff for Tina,”

    “And bring her drawing pad and some pencils. She will want to draw when her mind starts to wonder.  She’s going to be in hospital a while, they won’t let her out until she’s stable mentally. They have it’s best if I’m only here some of time to try and give them the space they need to get her stable.” Bette remarked.

    “I will bring everything, what time are evening visiting hours?”

    “6:30pm to 8:00pm. I will leave at 6pm, could you bring stuff for visiting hours.”

    “Sure. You have to go home?”

    “Yes Shane, when you see her you’ll understand, she’s mentally broken.”

    “I’m okay to visit her?”

    “Yes, please, I need to care for Xavier,”

    “I will be there, with stuff for her. We will get you both through this,” Shane remarked.

    “I know, it’s just going to take time.”

    Shane and Bette said their goodbyes and Bette then changed Xavier dapper. Before feeding him. All the time Tina slept. Bette’s mind was racing. She hoped that right now her love and commitment was strong enough to get through this. Tina had left them in the middle of the night she knew her wife was ill, but at the same time it was hard for her. Tina had walked out of the house leaving her child behind. Bette hoped that with time, space and help for them both they could overcome this. She looked down at her son. She felt the weight of the world was now on her shoulders.

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    1. I’m glad Tina is getting the help she needs. Tina has Bette and Xavier; Bette has Shane and Alice. Bette and Tina have a strong support system.

      Thank you for so many chapters at once plus tackling mental illness.

    2. Wow, poor Bette. She now has total responsibility for a baby who is premature and her wife who is so mentally ill that she will need major care as well. It will take more than money to get this situation back to an even stable situation. It’s going to take all the strength and help Bette can get. I am worried about her own mental health.

      This is going to affect the stability of Xavier. For if Tina would her herself, she could very easily hurt others as well. Think Susan Smith… of South Carolina. She was the one who put her two sons in their car seats and drove the car into the lake and allowed her sons to drown and then made up a story about the car being hijacked.

      This is fiction, maybe you can find a miracle drug to cure Tina. You know, a lack of vitamin K or something which if she gets enough of, she become the person she needs to be to be a mom to Xavier and a wife to Bette and the artist we all know she is.

      Thanks for this story….

      • Agree. Tina will not be able to be alone with Xavier for a very long time. How will Bette manage? A premature infant needs a lot of specialized care and doctors appointments. Bette may need to move back to the City for a while. I feel very sorry for Tina but wish she had shared more of her history prior to getting pregnant. Bette needs more than a friend support system. She probably needs a full time nurse. I worry about how she will cope. She needs to continue working somehow. Finances are a very important issue now. This is all going to be quite costly. Bette has already done so much for Tina and will stay by her side but she also has a very fragile son. And Tina is going to need psychiatric care for quite some time. Right now she is very unstable. Two serious medical events taking place at the same time. My heart breaks for Tina. And my heart breaks for Bette. But my heart really breaks for Xavier.

    3. Besides her dark family past Tina may have post partum depression as well. My sister had it very bad. I am so glad that Tina has Bette, Xavier and the gang to stand by her.. They are her life support. I feel bad for Bette as she didn’t have a clue as to why Tina was so badly broken. It’s going to take a lot of time and professional help for her to regain some semblance of confidence in her life. Everyone will just have to be non stop supportive, patient, calm and understanding..Tina will get through this and Bette and Xavier will be the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for continuing this.❤️

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