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    Worth It?

    Tina sat in her studio putting the finishing touches to a pencil drawing. She signed the corner as usual, smiling. She was happy with how it had turned out. She decided to open her mac book, she took a photo of the drawing and decided to list it on her site as a one off, to see if the crazy rumour would ruin her sales. There was a knock on the door and Tina looked up, looking into the face of someone she didn’t expect.

    “Alice,” Tina said softly

    “I thought we could talk,”

    “I don’t want to talk to you,” Tina said honestly, she took a deep breath.

    “I feel like the only way I can get Bette to talk to me.”

    “I’m not your way in Alice. I’m no interested in talking to you,” Tina picked up her cell phone and text Bette who was in the house.


    TINA: B can you come out to my studio please, Alice is here.


    Tina clicked send as Alice looked around Tina’s Studio,

    “Aren’t you painting at the moment?” Alice asked, see that nothing was set up apart from the drawing table.

    “Erm,” Tina didn’t answer. She looked over Alice’s shoulder and saw Bette walking down the path, her wife was wearing a tank top and jeans. She looked amazing. Her hair pulled back at the nape of her neck.

    “Alice why are you here?” Bette asked she approached the door,

    “I came to see Tina,”

    “Why? You’ve never come to see her before,” Bette walked around Alice and looked at Tina who was pale at the fact that someone she didn’t really know or like was in her personal space. Tina walked towards Bette,

    “I just thought…”

    “That if she came to me you’d talk to her,” Tina said slowly, “Can we please do this out of my studio,”

    They moved out into the garden, Tina closed the door, before heading towards the house, Bette stopped Alice from following her.

    “What the fuck are you doing here?”

    “You’re my oldest friends Bette,”

    “Yeah, you’ve barely ever been here, since I married Tina. You just bitch and gossip about my wife. I don’t need friends like that Alice, I really don’t.”  Bette said slowly

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    1. Okay – Alice is now officially a nut job. She just doesn’t get it. You used to be fun? I wonder what she would have said to Tina had Bette not come down to the studio? Bette is correct – Alice has not given Tina the time of day. Tolerated her. And just shows up. This woman knows no tact or is in some kind of panic mode. I find it interesting that Tina needed Alice out of her studio. Does she feel it is a violation of her personal space? Negative vibes? I am really glad that Tina feels good about selling the sketch and contributing financially to her family but she needs to slow down a little. This is a good first step. Is she overcompensating for the Bette-Alice debacle? Clearly Bette is concerned. Reminding her to take her medication. You will get there Tina. Thank goodness for Peggy. Tina has a true fan there. Peggy knows what she likes. Tina could always put the pieces she pulled back up for sale. Kelly wanted one. I bet the entire collection would sell out very quickly. Tina is very talented.

    2. As a rule, people only purchase things they like and want. So Peggy buying Tina’s drawing. She is really into Tina’s work otherwise she would not have the website monitored. She has bought pieces in the past. That is a nice payday for Tina and one piece of artwork.

      I think Tina was rather clear when she said she did not want to talk to Alice. Alice has some nerve showing up at Bette and Tina’s home unannounced. If Alice is sincere in her desire to apologize for her behavior, I would suggest that she write a letter. If Bette sees something acceptable, Bette will call her. Bette told her to get out of her life. Alice should take this seriously. Keep this behavior up and Alice will be labeled a stalker and could end up in jail.

      That “you used to be fun.” statement? What is Alice like 18? Alice has to be in her early 30s. If Alice’s happiness is dependent on partying with Bette, then Alice is the one who need therapeutic help. Alice really does act like Bette belongs to her and need her permission to live her own life. Bette is living her own life and making her own choices – she is in love with Tina and her son. She enjoys her job. She is very successful in her life. It is not without its problems and hiccups, but Bette is not running. She is hanging in there to support and love her family. Tina and Bette have been together for three or four years now. This is not a temporary fling for Bette. This is a commitment that Bette has taken on freely and without coercion because she wanted to because she loves Tina – problems and all.

      Thanks for the update….

    3. Alice is officialy a dumb ass, ” you used to be so much fun”?!!!

      Really Alice, people grow up and settle and in Bette’s case meet their love of their live and start building a relationship and making a home and become a mother.

      Alice problems are she is jealous as fuck and can’t handle that the world doesn’t resolve around her.
      The nerve she has to show up at Tina’s save place.

      Bette is right, she needs to respect Tina and her before she can even think about being accepted back as friend.

      Great that Tina sold her picture that fast. She still has to move slowly forward. She is doing better and that’s good. No pressure Tina.

    4. I love all the comments, Alice kills me with her attitude on life if it isn’t fun for her or she isn’t all in the middle of somebody’s business it’s not worth her time and energy. Bette is right only Shane has really reached out to Tina. Even though it is very uncomfortable for her Tina goes out to brunch and invites the friends and family to the house as much as possible so Bette doesn’t feel closed off to the outside world. I’m sure she doesn’t want Xavier picking up any bad vibes so he will be able to go out into the world and not want to isolate himself or hide from the world. The fact that Alice would try to sneakily talk to Tina so Bette would let what she did go is unconscionable. Until she is ready to give a sincere apology she needs to leave them both alone. I always felt the reason Alice was so eager to be Tina’s best friend in most fics is so she could catch her slipping and swoop in to comfort Bette. She has never gotten over the fact that a straight girl got Bette to commit when she couldn’t . I love this fic and can’t wait to see where it takes us, I’m in till the end. Hope to see a new post soon.

      • “I always felt the reason Alice was so eager to be Tina’s best friend in most fics is so she could catch her slipping and swoop in to comfort Bette. She has never gotten over the fact that a straight girl got Bette to commit when she couldn’t”

        Absolutely 100% agree with this! Well said

    5. Alice’s true heart was revealed yet again. She set out to intimidate Tina by showing up UNannounced hoping she would go into a tale spin (so that she would have more “gossip” to share about Tina’s “condition”).

      She even had to admit to Tina that she wanted to “use” her to “get” to Bette. Geeze, talk about a sorry piece of work. WTF kind of friendship does Alice really think she is going to have with Bette with even an ounce of trust and respect??? Alice does NOT by any stroke of the imagination “miss” Bette. Uuuugh!! She needs to hear from Bette to “step off bit**h”!!

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