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    Yellowstone Evening

    “I’m awake B,” Tina smiled.

    “I was just enjoy your nakedness,”

    Tina rolled over and pulled the sheets up.

    “My nakedness,”

    “Yeah, you’re sexy pale skin. You’re silky skin. The smell of your shampoo.”

    “You’re a sweet talker when you want to be,”

    “I try, I used to be known for it,”

    “When you were a player?”

    “I was never a player,”

    “Yes you were,” Tina smiled as she reached over and flicked Bette’s hair over Bette’s shoulder. “We know you were. You loved it. The attention,”

    “I only attention I want now is from you and our children.”

    “I’m glad we can do that for you,”

    “What ground you?”

    “Yes ground me. I love you so much.”  Bette lent forward and kissed her. Tina pulled back and smiled before seeing the time. She slowly got up, wrapping herself in a towel robe. She got opened her bag and took out her medication. Bette watched as Tina took her Medication and drank nearly half a bottle of water.

    “You okay?” Bette asked

    “Yeah, sorry.”  Tina said slowly. “I’m going to need to eat,”

    “I can make us some roast beef sandwiches.”

    “That would be amazing, I’m just going to have a shower,”


    Tina left the room.

    Bette got out of bed and dressed in a thin tank top and baggy yoga pants. she went into the kitchen, she started to make the sandwiches, she turned the radio on. she put the half baked bread into the oven and started to heat up the beef. She made some gravy. Pouring herself and Tina a glass of wine.

    Tina came out of the bathroom in a towel.

    “Honey,” She whispered.

    Bette looked at her, she could tell at once that something was wrong.

    “Ti,” Bette walked over to her and gently touched her face. “What is it?”

    “I…” Tina’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fainted into Bette’s arms.

    Bette moved her to the sofa putting her wife in to the recovery position and then picked up her cell phone.

    “Hello can I have an ambulance please…yeah…Yellowstone park…sure…” Bette gave the address. She put the phone down and made sure her wife was still breathing. “I’m here Tina. It’s going to be okay. Why the fuck is this happening again? “

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