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    Yellowstone Lodge

    Bette turned hire car down the long driveway towards the private lodge she had hired to celebrate her marriage to Tina, who was sleeping in the seat beside. Tina hadn’t been feeling well for most of the flight and the storm they had travelled through. Tina had held Bette’s hand all the way through the flight, once they had collected the hire car, Tina had fallen asleep.

    Bette pulled up and slowly turned the engine off. she undid her seatbelt and turned her body to look at her wife. she reached over and gently pushed her hair out of her face, Tina’s eyes slowly opened.

    Tina smiled at her wife,

    “Sorry, I’ve not been great company,” Tina whispered, her voice full of sleep.

    “It’s fine baby,” Bette smiled.  “We’re here,”

    Tina turned and looked at the modern lodge that was in front of them.

    “Wow, this place looks lovely,”

    “I’m told the view from the back is unbelieve.” Bette said slowly.

    “Good thing I brought all my drawing stuff then,” Tina smiled. even on vacation she would want to do some form of art.

    “Lets get settled in as this is home for the next week.”

    Bette got out of the car and popped the trunk. She picked up the key for the lodge and opened the door as Tina started to get their bags out walking in the place was amazing, it was completely open plan, at the far end was the kitchen and dinning area, a living area and their bedroom area, the rare of the lodge was a glass walls with a couple of doors opening onto a pool that looked over the caldera of Yellowstone. Tina dropped the bag on the sofa and unlocked the large glass doors and walked out into the garden looking out at the amazing sea of trees and beauty in front of her.

    Bette walked up behind her after bring in the last of their stuff, locking the car and closing the door. she wrapped her arms around Tina, kissing her neck softly.

    “How did I do?” Bette asked softly.

    “You’ve done well.” Tina smiled, “This view is amazing.”

    “It’s the reason I chose it. I was talking to Shane and she said that I needed to do something that was more for us, I know you’re not great in the city so here we are.”

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    1. Lovely spot for a honeymoon. Tina is very much into nature and Bette enjoys it too. As long as the two are together, and enjoying their surroundings, then it very well may be a time for making great memories. Not all people love the glitz and show of city night life. Personally, I would find the mountains very soothing and calming and the perfect place to start a married life.

      Very nice chapter… love to see more.

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