LesFan Welcomes All Lesbian Writers

LesFan.com welcomes ALL creative or original writing for lesbian audiences.

LesFan has a 16 year history of being the largest lesbian fanfiction site, and now we open our doors to all writers. We have a terrific network of voracious, engaged readers. We hope to connect these readers with writers of original works.

We have been receiving Tweets from writers who ask us to re-Tweet postings of their books and ebooks. We encourage those writers to post sample chapters, out-takes, deleted scenes … anything… to introduce their books to our readers. We encourage you to complete your profile page with us linking to your sales sites or web sites.

We see this as a symbiotic relationship – we hope to provide more material for our readers; we also hope to support lesbian writers in a time when it’s harder to get the attention of lesbian audiences.

The past several years have been very hard on lesbian book sellers, publishers, and – mostly – writers. It is increasingly difficult for smaller businesses and writers to compete with the ebook revolution and, specifically, Amazon. We will do our part to connect lesbian writers and readers. Please share this with all lesbian writers of every type of writing.

POST your creative writing. Select CREATIVE WRITING as the fandom. Contact Us if you need help.