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    Bibi28 - "Hi Jacky, is it possible to let be known wich word is inappropriate so we can try to use another word if you comment on a story or in general?"View
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    Jane - "Can anyone PLEASE provide a list of their favorite Tibette stories? I will read them all. Thank you very much."View
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    allyemmerson - "Recommendations – hey all – does anyone want to recommend any really good FF to read – we have 16 years of stories and LOTS of time on our hands – so who wants to recommend a good read ? i will start TBSAVER – […]"View
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    MoreThanSatisfied - "Are your comments disappearing? I have noticed that some of my comments don’t post. They get stuck in the “spam” or “trash” folder. If this has happened to your comments, go to 1. “My Writing Stats” on t […]"View
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    BenMac - "Hi Everyone! I’m repeating this from my previous comment, just so everyone has a “heads up.” In one month, May 1st Bold Strokes Books will release the e-book of The Smell of Rain (the paperback will be available […]"View
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