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    SassyGran - "Can anyone help me on the Title to the Story where Tina had 3 daughters and Bette moved in next door with 3 Sons?"View
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    meloveslu - "Since nobody took the bait on Twitter, I will posit this question here…What is the silliest thing you and your [past or present] significant other have ever fought about? Comment on this thread!"View
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    Jacky - "So, sadly, Tommy is not a great show. It’s unrealistic and simplistic. Edie is hot :-). Someone please PM me if there ends up being a *serious* love interest. We got one little kiss and they axed that one that was […]"View
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    CellaNox - "Dear Readers, I first came to LesFan as a voracious reader. So many creative and talented writers quickly inspired me to put the stories swirling in my head on paper. I started off writing as a personal […]"View
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