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    Zhenya - "Hi! I think if somebody on the site creates a theme from her favorite stories, this might help beginners start reading from really good stories. So, my top 10 stories: 1) “…the eternal rocks beneath…” by BenMac […]"View
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    proteonomics - "Here, where Laurel was (courtesy of ‘Laurel and Jennifer and their arts’ FaceBook group), Thanks Msculli"View
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    CellaNox - "Dear Friends and Readers, I’ve spent the last several months rewriting Out of the Flames and drafting its sequel and plotting the third and final book in the series. The further I got, the more I realized I […]"View
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    BenMac - "Hi Everyone! I’m repeating this from my previous comment, just so everyone has a “heads up.” In one month, May 1st Bold Strokes Books will release the e-book of The Smell of Rain (the paperback will be available […]"View
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