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    izzie - "Does anyone heard from RiskyKitty ?"View
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    Bibi28 - "Hi Jacky, is there any chance we will get to use the emojis again. I miss it. Hope everything is going well with you! Stay save and healthy!"View
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    RiskyKitty - "I love it so much! My fantasy is Bette on a bike in high heels with Tina on the back in a short skirt! What I wouldn’t give to have seen Bette and Tina on that bike instead of Alice and Tasha just once during t […]"View
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    Escorpion2494 - "¡Hola! Quisiera que por favor me ayuden a buscar una historia de Bette y Tina que Bette está perdida llega a una cueva y la llaman Sara pero después Bette tiene poderes y ella y Tina eran novias y terminan pero de […]"View
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    pikiangelica - "Hi, someone remembers that story where Tina was Bette’s teacher, Tina had her boyfriend but she was in love with Bette and vice versa, Tina gets pregnant and loses her baby and Bette takes care of the tub. I […]"View
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