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    BK - "Largo I just finished reading your Left Turn chapter. Don’t let the comments from readers get you down. You are writing this for you at the end of the day and with over 4,000 views clearly people are interested in […]"View
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    Bibi28 - "Hi Jacky, is it possible to let be known wich word is inappropriate so we can try to use another word if you comment on a story or in general?"View
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    proteonomics - "Season 2 of TLW GQ is in progress, there would be 10 episodes, I’m wondering if they will make something better for TIBETTE"View
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    Largo - "I just saw an article in the British online news site ‘The Independent’ about filming sex scenes during a pandemic, and it seems to confirm that S2 of GenQ is definitely going ahead? Maybe I was the only one who […]"View
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    allyemmerson - "Recommendations – hey all – does anyone want to recommend any really good FF to read – we have 16 years of stories and LOTS of time on our hands – so who wants to recommend a good read ? i will start TBSAVER – […]"View
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