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    Bibi28 - "Hi Jacky, is it possible to let be known wich word is inappropriate so we can try to use another word if you comment on a story or in general?"View
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    SassyGran - "Can anyone help me on the Title to the Story where Tina had 3 daughters and Bette moved in next door with 3 Sons?"View
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    allyemmerson - "Recommendations – hey all – does anyone want to recommend any really good FF to read – we have 16 years of stories and LOTS of time on our hands – so who wants to recommend a good read ? i will start TBSAVER – […]"View
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    Jacky - "Seahurst and Allyemmerson’s stories have been very, very popular over the years."View
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    BnTinmyhead - "mscully, I love seeing you still so in love with your lady love your soulmate it just comes pouring out of you at every turn. but I guess in a since that’s what our soulmates do to us, for it’s eternal and […]"View
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    CellaNox - "Dear Readers, I first came to LesFan as a voracious reader. So many creative and talented writers quickly inspired me to put the stories swirling in my head on paper. I started off writing as a personal […]"View
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    meloveslu - "Since nobody took the bait on Twitter, I will posit this question here…What is the silliest thing you and your [past or present] significant other have ever fought about? Comment on this thread!"View
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    skydancer - "Parts of Season 5 on Showtime this Sunday afternoon: hot enough to melt the snow"View
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    BenMac - "Hi Everyone! I’m repeating this from my previous comment, just so everyone has a “heads up.” In one month, May 1st Bold Strokes Books will release the e-book of The Smell of Rain (the paperback will be available […]"View
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    tibettenation1 - "Someone ask me how do you save a story or an easy way to go back and fins your favorite story and I see a lot of people are having trouble with this so let me help you….. So when you read a story, in the top […]"View
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    LadySovjet - "Hi Jacky, I don’t know if it’s my PC but i frequently get a message that athe wanted page is not found. If I log in, i cannot go to my faves. It gives a blank page. is there anything i need to do or is this problem known?"View
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    Seahurst - "Does anyone know if Carrie has a last name yet, or anything about her? I have a vision in my head of who she is, but if there is already a backstory laid out by TLW, I want to follow that if I can. Thanks!"View
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