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    Zhenya - "So, are you all read the article about what happen with Tibette in this new “show” – “Gen.Q”? Tibette divorced, because Tina fallen in love with someone else? And probably left her daughter too. Any though?"View
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    SassyGran - "Can anyone help me on the Title to the Story where Tina had 3 daughters and Bette moved in next door with 3 Sons?"View
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    Kylie - "Hey y’all, I know that I havent posted in awhile- I’ve been super busy with coursework and life lol. I just wanted to ask if y’all would want me to post the beginning of that chapter for the new story? (the other […]"View
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    proteonomics - "Dear writers and readers: There are always many things to give thanks for, and also people to thank. I, especially, have to give thanks for the excellent web site that is LesFan, for the marvelous stories that I […]"View
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    Bibi28 - "Hey Jacky, i was reading a story by Kins40 and when i wanted to go to the next page i only got this message: ” Not found, error 404″. I hope this is a temporary problem. With regards Bibi28"View
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    BnTinmyhead - "mscully, I love seeing you still so in love with your lady love your soulmate it just comes pouring out of you at every turn. but I guess in a since that’s what our soulmates do to us, for it’s eternal and […]"View
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    Jacky - "Ok – first round of sprucing up is live :-) It has NO impact on how things work/function. It’s all just appearance. I’m working on another, more major, appearance change. No ETA on when this will be live at this time."View
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    pikiangelica - "Hi, someone remembers that story where Tina was Bette’s teacher, Tina had her boyfriend but she was in love with Bette and vice versa, Tina gets pregnant and loses her baby and Bette takes care of the tub. I […]"View
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