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    Bibi28 - "Hi Jacky, is it possible to let be known wich word is inappropriate so we can try to use another word if you comment on a story or in general?"View
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    Carmen - "hi guys! Hoping that everyone is safe…Reading Lauren25’s story make me remember another story where Bette also have a brain tumor. These one was after Provocations and the split up. Bette collapses in her house […]"View
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    Jacky - "So, sadly, Tommy is not a great show. It’s unrealistic and simplistic. Edie is hot :-). Someone please PM me if there ends up being a *serious* love interest. We got one little kiss and they axed that one that was […]"View
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    proteonomics - "Season 2 of TLW GQ is in progress, there would be 10 episodes, I’m wondering if they will make something better for TIBETTE"View
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    mscully - "I remember exactly the day I met you. You brought me out of the darkness, giving me light. The glow of your smile is like morning sun that brings hope to life that sad was until you appeared And that glow was so […]"View
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    pikiangelica - "Hi, someone remembers that story where Tina was Bette’s teacher, Tina had her boyfriend but she was in love with Bette and vice versa, Tina gets pregnant and loses her baby and Bette takes care of the tub. I […]"View
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    tibettenation1 - "Someone ask me how do you save a story or an easy way to go back and fins your favorite story and I see a lot of people are having trouble with this so let me help you….. So when you read a story, in the top […]"View
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    lakeeskin - "Hey BEG, I understand about having a life and all that “jazz” but I need something good to read or I am going to go crazy… (hint hint). Tell me what I can do to help you out? Cup of coffee, spa coupon, proof […]"View
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    BenMac - "Hi Everyone! I’m repeating this from my previous comment, just so everyone has a “heads up.” In one month, May 1st Bold Strokes Books will release the e-book of The Smell of Rain (the paperback will be available […]"View
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    CellaNox - "Dear Readers, I first came to LesFan as a voracious reader. So many creative and talented writers quickly inspired me to put the stories swirling in my head on paper. I started off writing as a personal […]"View
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    ssgogo93 - "skydancer, I finished rereading Empire State of Mind….loved, loved, loved it. I was just thinking that this story deserves an epilogue. You had mentioned in the story about Bette’s plan to take Tina to Jade Mou […]"View
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    laileng36 - "Hi proteonomics, Sorry that I mistaken you with another write CN. I had read all the stories you posted and following the current one: B.I.T.C.H. When I first saw the name, I felt hilarious, but after reading a […]"View
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