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    BK - "Largo I just finished reading your Left Turn chapter. Don’t let the comments from readers get you down. You are writing this for you at the end of the day and with over 4,000 views clearly people are interested in […]"View
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    Giselle Adams - "I’m 18 yrs born deaf and dumb, people say that i am beautiful. what can a man do with me, a beautiful girl who is deaf and dumb?"View
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    meloveslu - "Since nobody took the bait on Twitter, I will posit this question here…What is the silliest thing you and your [past or present] significant other have ever fought about? Comment on this thread!"View
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    kiwipit - "What about some reading recommendation for everyone? We all need some cheering up in this trying time, don’t we? This site with all those wonderful and talented writers gives us so much joy and entertainment. […]"View
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    CellaNox - "Dear Readers, I first came to LesFan as a voracious reader. So many creative and talented writers quickly inspired me to put the stories swirling in my head on paper. I started off writing as a personal […]"View
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    mscully - "I remember exactly the day I met you. You brought me out of the darkness, giving me light. The glow of your smile is like morning sun that brings hope to life that sad was until you appeared And that glow was so […]"View
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