My Favorites

I'm forever grateful to all the persons and artists who enriched my life and they would be too much to tell about… Few essential ones, for me, in all my most cherished subjects ? Regarding literature : Hugo, Dumas, W.Irish, Highsmith, Gautier, Sand, Austen, G.Leroux, Matheson, Huysmans, Th.Hardy, Mirbeau, Zola, J.D.Carr… Then, Gustave Doré's engravings. Music magicians G.Gershwin, B.Herrmann, Judy Garland and Maria Callas. And regarding cinema : Hitchcock, F.Lang, Mankiewicz, Kubrick, Carné for my favorite directors. My alltime favorite movies : Les Enfants du Paradis, Heavenly Creatures, Vertigo, Shining, A Star is Born (1954), Titanic, Somewhere in Time, Napoleon (Gance's silent)… My absolute favorite actresses are Kate Winslet, Barbara Stanwyck, Arletty, Vivien Leigh and Judy Garland. And I will forever be indebted to Jennifer Beals, my dearest Tibette and The L Word for having saved me during the hardest years of my life…

About Me

Above all, I'm passionate ! A 19th century's literature, cinema and History enthusiast. I just adore to learn and love new things all the time. Curiosity and passion summarize me pretty well :-)