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    Jacky - "SO…we were unable to accept new registrations for a long time. That is fixed. Please invite new writers and readers to join us!"View
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    tibettenation1 - "Someone ask me how do you save a story or an easy way to go back and fins your favorite story and I see a lot of people are having trouble with this so let me help you….. So when you read a story, in the top […]"View
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    LadySovjet - "Hi Jacky, I don’t know if it’s my PC but i frequently get a message that athe wanted page is not found. If I log in, i cannot go to my faves. It gives a blank page. is there anything i need to do or is this problem known?"View
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    dunnthat - "I missed being able to reply to your stories but i never left ,just became a silent reader. You gave BnT a helluva run and upon discovering these two i fell in step ,page after page,fight after fight,orgasms like […]"View
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