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    Lena smiled as she saw Stef pulling herself up on Jesus’s bar while Jesus looked on. Stef looked so hot. In her PJs showing her strong arms. Which Lena loved to rub. She heard Stef jump down and walked into the bedroom while shouting she loved Jesus.

    “What were you doing?” Lena asked, grinning and Stef knew she’d seen her.

    “I was showing our son that I am not unfit or old.” Stef grinned as she started to throw the pillows off their massive bed onto the floor.

    “So basically you where showing off weren’t you?” Lena asked as she got into bed and watched Stef remove her bracelets.

    “Perhaps. Why don’t you like my guns?” Stef said flexing her arms. Showing them off. Lena smiled before reaching over and moving her fingers along the muscle. Stef looked at her wife. Who smiled. Since they had gotten the new bed they rarely cuddled at night and they slept apart as they rarely spelt at the same angle. Stef watched as Lena’s fingers moved along her arm.

    “I love every bit of you and you know that”

    “I do.” Stef said slowly watching as Lena moved closer.

    “I love you completely.”

    “Are we gonna be intermit?” Stef grinned. Lena smiled.

    “Most people say I love you too.”

    “Oh I love you too babe. Are we gonna be intermit?” Stef laughed.

    “Yes.” Lena whispered as she moved forward, slowly kissing Stef’s lips. Stef’s hand went to Lena’s face her thumb moving over her face. pulling her into her. as Lena’s hands pulled Stef closer. Stef moved laying Lena across the bed. as they kissed passionately. Lena’s fingers getting lost in Stef’s blonde locked. Her knee bent as Stef moved her hand from her face and down Lena’s body onto her hip. Pushing up the shirt she was wearing. Lena broke the kiss to gasp as Stef’s fingers slowly ran along her stomach. Stef smiled before opening Lena’s shirt. She smiled Lena’s naked breasts.

    “Don’t’ just grin at them Stef.” Lena said Stef smiled before kissing her wife’s breasts. Lena’s hands pulling up Stef’s t-shirt. Stef moved  so she could remove it. grinning. She pulled Lena’s pants down and her own. both naked on bed.

    “You know you are the most beautiful woman in the world.” Stef said, looking at her. Lena grinned before pulling Stef down into a kiss. Their hands roaming over each other’s bodies. Both slipping two fingers into the other. Both moving together. gasps, moans and kissing filled the room as they made love slowly. Stef looked into Lena’s eyes. Deep into them as they came together. both gasping. Stef rested her forehead again Lena’s smiling as they both removed their fingers.

    “I love you,” Stef whispered.

    “I love you,” Before they kissed slowly.

    “fancy a cuddle”

    “With you always.” They moved and got into the sheets, Lena cuddling up to her wife. Stef kissed the top of her head three times before they closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep in each others arms.


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