• After their ordeal on Homeworld, Pearl, Amethyst, Steven, Lapis, Peridot, Connie, and Garnet were ready to collapse and rest. Convincing Blue, Yellow, and White Diamond, intergalactic imperialists, or dictators […]

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  • Surrounded by the quiet walls of her new, almost-furnished office, Bette sat slumped in her leather executive chair with her feet propped up on the desk as she stared into nothingness, her angular face somber and […]

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    The car pulled up outside the large building. A man in a black suit, white shirt and black tie and sunglasses got out of the passenger side door and opened the back door. She slowly got out of the car. She was […]

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    Down to Earth
    The Royal Family

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    Does anyone remember the story where Bette and her family were royalty from another planet?

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    Thank you to all who responded to me concerning updates to this site. I was actually beginning to wonder if the writers were discontinuing and it left me worried. This site is the last place where we can hold on to our Tibette dreams, even if the reboot writers won’t allow us to. Thank you all again.

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    “One more push, Honey. You are almost there… that’s it…I am so proud of you…” Tina’s voice was soft, encouraging as she spoke in Bette’s ear, one hand holding Bette’s tightly palm to palm, while the other moved s […]

  • Things had rapidly gotten worst in New York since Tina last spoke to Bette.  They were now using the word Pandemic regularly in the News. She was busy trying to keep things together for the studio, but things […]

  • Author’s Note –

    Just wanted to mention that I’ll be taking a short break in posting until the beginning of July. I’m going to take some R&R & visit my great 2 nephews that I haven’t met yet due to the COVID […]

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    Why are there no recent updates to many of the stories here? Am I missing something? I check daily and feel disappointed.

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    So, how evryone feeling right now about GQ new teaser – Tina with wedding ring, Bette with Gigi?

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    Can anyone recommend some good Bette and Tina stories? I’ve read a lot but would like to know which stories you guys really like 😊

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  • Did you find the story? Billy

  • Previously from the Doctor of Hope Chapter 1 –

    The image triggered a deep response to her core in Tina as it always did.

    Whether they were together or an ocean apart.

    That had never changed, even after a […]

  • Yes that is the author and the story is still available to view. PM me for a link if you still can’t find it.

  • I can’t find it’s a small world

  • Lincoln Square, West Side – Tuesday – 9:05 am in the morning.


    The tall man forced the door breaking the lock, and scaring the secretary, but inside Bette was ready to fight for her life. The bois […]

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