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    Chapter 16 This is all my fault


    Shane immediately jumps up, she rushes to the emergency room and pulls out all the medical equipment like she’s been done several times. Sam also quickly runs to the […]

  • As Tina stirred awake, she could immediately hear the soothing sound of someone breathing behind her, could feel the warmth of another human presence. Quickly refreshing the memory of last night, the blonde opened […]

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    They nodded at the gorgeous, but bruised blonde, and looked over at Bette who had still not stopped staring at them.

    “Well…that was fun,” Tina commented, “but I have to get back to work.” […]

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    Chapter 36 

    Bette’s bedroom, night: Bette is in her bed looking pensive. She picks up the phone on her nightstand and makes a phone call. After a couple of rings, a man answers the phone.

    Man – Summit Coun […]

  • Revere Beach, Ma, Sunday, 10:00 am 


    After Maura left Louise’s office and talked to Jane, the lieutenant went to meet Tina’s sister in the bodyguards’ house, coincidently at the same moment, Tina had wok […]

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    Lacey Haraway is a focused kind of individual. Whatever it is she is working on, attention goes to it and she sees it through. Creating a new banner for Kit’s online fan page has her attention. The right photos, t […]

  • Tina gathered the papers spread out in front of her, putting them inside a folder before packing it into her bag. Her meeting had ran a little longer than planned but Tina found she still couldn’t complain. She c […]

  • Tina’s Suite

    No sooner had Tina opened the door to her suite that she yanked Bette inside and slammed her roughly against the back of it.

    “Oof!” Bette exclaimed as the back of her head hit the hard wood. […]

  • Bette’s Car

    Tina lay curled atop Bette in the driver seat. Bette stroked the damp blonde hair and watched the dashboard lights twinkle in the drops that still remained untouched in the golden locks. Tina l […]

  • Outside Belly Up Tavern

    Tina stood on the curb waiting for Bette to pull her car around since she needed a ride back to her hotel.

    As soon as she saw Bette pull up with her window down, Tina smiled […]

  • Prologue

                Bette Porter had a secret: All the other thirteen-year-old girls fawned over Hotty Scotty and Beefcake Jake, but she didn’t. At every opportunity, like tonight, she hung around Tina Kennard […]

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    Dear Friends and Readers,

    I’ve spent the last several months rewriting Out of the Flames and drafting its sequel and plotting the third and final book in the series. The further I got, the more I realized I needed to repost Flames. To prepare for that, I’ve taken down the original book. For those who read the original version of Flames, I h…[Read more]

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    Later, Bette and Tina are still lounging in bed. As she rests against Bette’s chest, Tina smiles down at their intertwined fingers.

    Tina: So, what now?

    Bette: Whatever you would like, name it and it shall h […]

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    Chapter 15 The boss


    Bette is stunned.

    “The Boss”, the man that controls the whole empire is nothing like Bette’s imagination.

    Sebastian Cooper is only 5 feet 8 tall, the blonde hair combs a […]

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    Chapter 34

    Ranch house, morning: Kit leaves the house holding a jar of honey and walks over to her Jeep when Tina approaches.

    Tina – Kit!

    Kit – Hi Tina!

    Tina – Hi!

    Kit – Have you talked to baby si […]

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