• This was torture pure and simple. I had a good reason to take the school to the court of human rights, surely hiring someone this attractive and then forcing me to sit in a classroom with her for 45 minutes 3 […]

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    Chapter 3

    A week later, Bette is in the back of her limousine sorting through various folders with two aides sitting opposite her, and answers her cell.

    (Tina) Hey

    (Bette) Hey. Sorry it’s not the best t […]

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    Hello everyone, I’m looking for tibette stories

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    I walk into Bette’s gallery, my anger is boiling. I couldn’t contain it. I knew I’d had a frown on my face since the meeting with the studio had ended. I needed to see Bette.

    James comes towards me, […]

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    Chapter 1

    Tina walks down the hallway of an office building, sipping a takeaway coffee while looking at her cell and holding a file under her arm. She runs into a woman walking in the other direction, looking […]

  • The King stood with his arms outstretched on either side of his small, frail body, palms facing the ceiling as his seamstress finished pinning the hem of his pants. His cough was gone, his energy returned, and he […]

  • Present day—New York City

    Decisions….Decisions…It wasn’t like her to be so indecisive but she found herself staring at the two scripts in front of her as she sipped her coffee.  The setting sun barely peeking […]

  • Author’s Note –

    Hi Folks. Happy summer.

    So, this entry in The Tibette Collection is a musing of sorts. My vision of Bette regarding Tina as they sit beside each other. Digging a little deep. No par […]

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    Chapter 4

    They continue to date for a few weeks, getting to know one another better and both falling harder and harder for the other with each meeting. They have shared a handful more kisses but are otherwise […]

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    Hey guys hope everyone is doing well. Just wondering if there are any G!P stories on here? 😊

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    Hola a todos para los amantes de Tíbette le recomiendo que lean la historia de: Round n Round we go de robyntibetter.

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    Chapter 1

    Bette walks into the bar and scans the room for her friends. She notices the blonde immediately, politely smiling and shaking her head at a woman hovering by her at the bar. Pretty, beautiful […]

  • Tina

    I was stunned into silence at Bette’s comment as I watched her walk away and disappear into the dark. I stood there for a moment as I tried to gain some clarity because she really made my head spin.  No […]

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    hi everyone, want to re-read a story begins with bette sending tina back their ring with a love letter after tina engage with carrie? anyone remember it? thank you.

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    Chapter 1


    Stage Magazine,

    Online edition.




    Actress Tina Kennard, 25 is to return Broadway. She recently won an Emmy award for her role in the smash hit TV […]

  • It was a little before 5am when Liz bounced into the room Tina was sleeping in with a cup of coffee and a smile plastered on her face.

    “Good morning, Tina,” Liz said a little too cheerily as she turned on the […]

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  • Author’s Note –

    Hi fellow readers & writers.

    Lots to digest & think through in this chapter. Introspection employed by both roommates. Some cutest too, a few giggles & of course some angst thrown in for goo […]

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    Does anyone know the title or author of a story about Bette dating a girl named Sidney but ending up being with Tina? Pls help 😊

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