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    Present Day

    Helena Peabody pulled up to the Planet in the late afternoon driving a Lamborghini. The two valet drivers flipped a coin to see who would get to park it. The winner quickly ran over and opened the […]

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    Author’s Note:

    There is a major trigger in this chapter: Suicidal thoughts

    I’ve gotten a few private messages on my twitter from fellow readers asking for this: I wrote it..and deleted it…and rewrote it… an […]

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    Helena Peabody’s ex-wife Winnie Mann and Bette Porter knowing each other was pure happenstance, but the collaboration of these two forceful women with one common goal was very deliberate. It started one early S […]

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    Today (May 19, 2019) the NY Daily News reported that only three lesbian bars/nightclubs now exist in the whole (five boroughs) of New York City. A fourth bar, the Bum-Bum Club, in Queens, closed in December. More lesbian bars were running in NYC in the 1920s, when that sort of thing was illegal, than now exist in NYC.
    I think this is…[Read more]

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  • Congratulations Taiwan!!!
    For being the first Asian country where same-sex marriage is legalized. Congratulations CJ!!!

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    Chapter 25 Startling by Each Step Part 2



    2 and a half hours before the attack. The meeting room.

    The door opens by the servant, Bette and Sam walk in.

    Looks at the crowded peo […]

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    Lake Shore, New Orleans – Tuesday

    Feeling the light breeze sweep across her forehead, Bette furrowed her brows in confusion. Groaning softly, she felt the hardness of the ground beneath her- and a soft s […]

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    Garden District: Monday Morning

    Walking into the dining room, Madison looked around the table to find Gabby and Addy only. “Uh- where are Tina and Fiona? Today’s Monday, right?”

    “Why’re you complaini […]


    Chapter 25 Startling by Each Step (Part 1)


    19 Hours before the attack. Bette’s room.

    Bette is back in her room, drinking her Scotch, her mind drifting far away.

    Rapid steps emerge outside her […]

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    I already wrote another chapter… this is what summer break will do to me.

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  • Garden District- Sunday Night

    Tina sat alone in her bedroom, looking at her reflection in the full-length mirror. Twirling a knife in her hand, she let the blade sink into her finger. Hearing a knock at the […]

  • “Portard … really Elizabeth?” Everyone laughed at Melvin’s astonished expression.

    “Hey I also suggested Kennter.” Bette defended herself.

    “Well that’s a little better, but I’m glad you two settled on hyphen […]

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