• The next day Tina asked Bette to walk with her down to Boo’s old house, to see what needed to be done to have the house ready for Boo when she returned. It made sense that Boo would want to be home, to stay t […]

  • Chapter 33

    A few hours later, Bette wakes up, Tina notice it because of the beeping sound of the machines increases in rhythm. She jumps up and takes a seat on the bedside as she takes Bette’s hand in hers. S […]

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    Does anyone heard from RiskyKitty ?

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  • A thousand things ran through her mind as she clicked off another mile of her very early morning run. Her feet left a trail in the sand only to be wiped of their existence by the next wave crashing onto the shore. […]

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    Bette walked around her new space in Brick Lane, Whitechapel, London. The Place was stunning and she was glad she had flown out to see it, after weeks of planning Bette had finally got onto a plane and headed to […]

  • Alice stuck her head out of the door and looked side to side. She then pulled it back in and turned her head.

    ”Hurry up Tee! If we get caught they will put our asses in prison along with Bette” Alice whi […]

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  • Tina had been consulting with psychotherapist Salma Ferrari for several years. Bette didn’t know the woman personally, but she had heard positive feedback from her wife, so she decided to visit her. Bette d […]

  • ”Damn Bette! My stomach was starting to eat my insides” Alice said as Bette walked in the front door carrying the bag with Alice’s lunch.

    ”I’m sorry. I was meeting with Tina and ate lunch with her” Bette repli […]

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    It was not yet dawn and Bette lay awake after tossing and turning most of the night. Her stomach churned, a lack of food mixing with the two glasses of wine she had with Alice at the bar last night. She had lost […]

  • The plaque on the office door read Andrea McLellan, Director Nursing – NICU

    Once Bette and Tina entered the office and she closed the door Andrea asked them to “Please have a seat.” indicating the visit […]

  • Chapter 32

    After dinner, Tina and Angie cleans up.

    “I’m gonna go lie down.” Bette says and stands up and starts walking towards the living room.

    “Okay. Shout if you need anything. I’ll come join you in a […]

  • Previously

    As it turned out, Bette went along for the ride and sat in the backseat as Angie drove her girlfriend home. Tina had remained behind to start packing for her return to Toronto early tomorrow […]

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  • Chapter 31

    About an hour later they walk through the door at home. The ride from the hospital was made in silence. Both, deep in thought.

    “Tee, I know you said you wanted to talk when we got home, but can w […]

  • Staring out of her window at the mountains some thousands of feet below, Bette Porter smiled as the plane she was currently aboard started its decent into Los Angeles. As the captain made his announcement over the […]

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  • BK wrote a new fiction post, The Beginning 19 1 week, 2 days ago

    “Dammit, Bette! So frustrating. Look at this. It’s been four months and there is no way to predict my ovulation. It’s all over the fucking place. Aren’t women supposed to get on the same schedule? You are like cl […]

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