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    She opened the hotel room door and rushed inside, hastily throwing her purse on the floor and sitting on the bed with a gasp. Her hands came up to her head, her fingers pressing against her temples, trying to […]

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    Tina pulled into the drive behind Bette’s Saad. The few things she had taken with her when she had left filled her trunk. She closed her eyes, she hadn’t slept well last night, she really wanted to sleep in a com […]

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    Tina’s eyes flickered open, she was asleep on the main sofa in a house that used to be her home. she shifted and felt the blanket that Bette must have put over her. she smiled at the thoughtfulness of the g […]

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  • “I think you’re beautiful, Tina. Really? I think you’re beautiful, too. Cool! Let’s get married. Okay!”

    Bette’s tone changed between sentences as she did her best mocking impressions of both Brenda and Tina, a […]

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  • Kylie wrote a new fiction post, The Process Begins 1 day, 12 hours ago

    “You’d all be better off without me,” Tina whispered.

    Bette shook her head, “no…I couldn’t live without you.”

    Bette hoped that Tina would be able to believe it.

    Tina hoped that the pain would just st […]

  • UKendeavour wrote a new fiction post, Chapter 1 1 day, 12 hours ago

    Tina looked around the Planet as she waited for her cup of tea. She saw the gang siting at their usual table in the courtyard. She knew this conversation was going to be difficult.

    She collected her tea, and […]

  • UKendeavour wrote a new fiction post, Prologue 1 day, 13 hours ago

    One month after the opening of Provocations at the CAC.


    Tina slowly got out of the car, looking at the house that she had once shared with the woman that she still loved, even after everything that had […]

  • Bette stood barely an inch from her full length mirror, her phone in one hand and her eyeliner in the other. She listened to Alice’s jabber on the other end, partially tuning her friend out as she applied her m […]

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    Shane leaves to go run her errands and to pick up Quiara then to take Angie to do her driving test. Tina goes to the kitchen to heat water for tea. On her way, she passes the study where Bette’s PR Manager Dani a […]

  • The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 30

    On the Monday following the debut of Despondent, Bette Porter sat in a plush armchair, across from Naomi Burrows, the psychologist recommended to her by the b […]

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  • Chapter 23
    Bette reluctantly eased away from Tina and touched her face
    “We either stop kissing in the next five minutes or we give up on the movies “
    Tina was lying half on her back with Bette on top taking her […]

  • Tina stood looking out of the window in the apartment where their relationship had started, they had come to New York as Bette’s gallery had an important opening and Tina had decided to come with her. She had m […]

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  • Challenge : Write the scene for when Angie is told that Tina is getting married to Carrie.


    – Well that’s just stupid.

    There’s an awkward silence in the room after Angie’s words. Tentatively, Bette put […]

  • BAT2012 wrote a new fiction post, Showing up 2 days, 21 hours ago

    “Tina, I can’t believe you’re here.”

    “Angie called me. It’s been all over the news and trending on social media. Are you okay?”

    “No, no I’m not. When I opened the door and saw you standing there, I […]

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