• After Tina’s revelation, Cheryl turned to Bette who stood frozen in her spot.

    “Bette? Is that true? Did you ghost Tina like that” Cheryl prompted for an answer as Tina taps her foot rapidly on the ceramic title […]

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    Bette’s POV

    The pounding in my head is all the reminder I need that I shouldn’t ever drink again.  Not to mention I have to start training soon for the new EuroLeague season and I will fly to Russia in a mont […]

  • Bette walked into the bar, she looked around the bar, she saw women turned to look at her but she didn’t care much. She spotted her friends and walked over to the corner of the bar where they were.

    “I’m sorry […]

  • Bette was introduced to Alex Corbin by a mutual friend Coleman Alt when she needed a lawyer to negotiate the purchase of her first art gallery. Bette and Cole dated briefly when they were freshmen at Yale before […]

  • Early morning—New York—Airport

    Standing near the check in counter with her luggage she checks her phone for the current time and sighs.  “Damn it Cheryl.  Where are you?”.  She mumbles and it seems she was ab […]

  • 21isfun posted an update 4 days, 16 hours ago

    Looking for a story I was reading a while back. Bette is diagnosed with a brain tumor and Tina comes to stay with her and Angie to help take care of her when she has surgery. Can’t remember the title for the life of me. Thanks!

  • Rayne wrote a new fiction post, Choose Me—Chapter 2 5 days, 7 hours ago

    Bette’s POV

    What am I going to do? I feel like I’m drowning and not because I just knocked back my 3rd shot tonight and motion the bartender for another.  I didn’t plan to tell Tina about my feelings like t […]

  • Tina walked into the house after a long day of meetings with lawyers to find Bette and Angie in the kitchen belting out the chorus to the popular Mexican song Cielito Lindo playing on the stereo while preparing […]

  • Bette’s POV

    I’m sitting here staring at Tina speechless.  This woman I just met a few days ago is willing to be exclusive with me just so I won’t be with anyone else but her and is willing to pay me to do it. […]

  • Bette’s POV

    I am currently standing at the entrance to the country club where my best friend is currently having her engagement party and I’m dreading this with every ounce of my being.  I don’t know how I’m go […]

  • “Bette Porter.” The brunette answered her cell on speaker as she needed both hands to hold Logan in place while she changed his diaper. He’d already squirted her hand and now kept turning his butt over whene […]

  • After being away for six weeks in Bridgeport, CA coming home to Angie with Logan was a joyous occasion. The couple cocooned in their home for the first month as they adjusted to family life with an infant and […]

  • Tina’s POV

    I’m standing in my living with my arms folded looking at two mischievous faces sitting side by side on my sectional.  A feel like I’m a parent about to scold her children for something they did wr […]

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  • Hi,thanks for the amazing update. I called it I knew Bette cousin was the woman. I bet Bette’s brother is Austin crush. I hooked on this story. I gave up 1 hour of sleep this morning before my 5 30 am shift. PPS

  • The next day:

    Tina’s POV

    Bette Porter….What have you done to me?…This damn woman I can not get out of my head since I saw her in the restaurant yesterday had awoken feelings and urges in me that I didn’ […]

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    Alice was frantic. Seeing Bette break down at her launch party moments before sent her into a frenzied panic, for Bette to cry in public, to sink down to the nearest chair like all the fight had been drained from […]

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  • My name is Tina Kennard and I’m probably one of the most wealthiest business women in L.A.  I run a successful tech firm that I built from the ground up, TK Incorporated when I was 22 years old. Now here I am at […]

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