• Tina rolled onto her back, it was the first time she had slept in a bed in two weeks and it felt good to be able to be this comfortable. She dropped her arm over her eyes. As she tried to drift off to sleep. But […]

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    Tina sat on the closed lid of the toilet, looking down at the pregnancy test in front of her. she shook her head. She couldn’t believe that with all the stress of the last few weeks she was pregnant. She took a d […]

  • Bette’s POV 

    LA – months ago.

    The paintings on the walls, the green couch, the robust dining table, the carpet for contrast on the wooden floor – a still life on a canvas. Everything is exactly how Tina le […]

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    Bette hadn’t been to The Planet since the day of the meat-tagging incident. She purposefully avoided it because she didn’t want to deal with all of the vultures, she lied to herself. The truth was there were too […]

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    ”By order of His Majesty, King Christopher, Son of Charles IV and First of His Name…This Decree Hereby Summons Captain Elizabeth Porter to the Royal Court…. You are Hereby Commanded to appear In Person… before […]

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    Hi writers and readers… i just want to say thank you.. found this site just a few months ago and wanted to comment on a few stories/chapters and found a reader that had commented a few times – tracked her down on twitter, she helped me figure out how to reach out to jacky here so i could get setup and become an official user. — . — not sure…[Read more]

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    “Hello, Tina,” Julia said.

    “Hi, Julia.”

    “I’m glad you set up an appointment. It’s been a couple of weeks.”

    “Yeah, I’ve had a lot to think about.”

    “And what have you been thinking?” Julia gently […]

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    Bette turned the coffee machine on. Leaning against the counter. She closed her eyes slightly. She had barely slept the last couple of days and she knew she needed to rest. Kit walked into the kitchen and looked […]

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    Happy new years everyone

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  • Tina’s POV     

    As Bette leans in for a kiss that I’m sure would be just as delicious as the one she gave me before I left for work this morning, I turn my head aside and step back.

    ‘Tee, what’s wrong?’

    ‘ […]

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    Bette sat dozing beside Tina in her private room. she had been moved about three hours after her surgery but she was still sleeping. The doctors had informed Bette that surgery was hard on Tina’s body and Tina b […]

  • UKendeavour wrote a new fiction post, A Waiting Game 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Shane walked into the waiting room carrying two coffees and some sandwiches from a deli she had found on the way. She knew that Bette wouldn’t have eaten yet. Bette was sat in the corner looking out of the w […]

  • Tina lay on a bed, in a cubical inside the ER in the nearest hospital. An IV in her arm. And oxygen tube up her nose. Her body shaking slightly. Bette sat to one side. Her mind racing. They couldn’t find what w […]

  • Tina sat on the steps of the back porch of the cabin, a glass of experience wine in her hand as she watched the colours of the sky change as the sun began to set. Bette walked out, barefoot. Her own glass of wine […]

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  • Tina’s POV 


    Paris,  months ago      


    ‘What are you doing here?’ I growl when Helena makes her grand entrance into my bedroom dressed in Dior and smelling like Chanel, and cover my eyes when she je […]

  • BK wrote a new fiction post, A New York New Year 3 weeks ago

    Tina flashed her passport and boarding pass at the agent at the entrance to airport security. She sighed heavily, watching as he exit stamped “Singapore” on a new page, handing her boarding pass back to her wit […]

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