• Dressed in a slinky black close-fitting Armani dress and 6 foot 2 inches in her 4 inch Loubotins, Cindy Browne was indeed standing in the middle of the living room of Tiler’s Brooklyn townhouse, surrounded by T […]

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    After leaving the boutique Tina begged off Helena’s suggestion that Tina spend the night at her Malibu mansion. Instead she wanted to be dropped off at the center, where she had some work to finish up after w […]

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    The best field manual I’ve read on getting your GF off is hidden in a scientific article (one that you’d sooner believe if you believe in facts and data and scientific analysis). Science, just love it. Happy to send you the link and share the joy :-). Bottom line, it explains why lesbians enable their women to orgasm WAY MORE frequently than men…[Read more]

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  • I have received another private message, from another woman, this one from a country in the Eastern Hemisphere, who is very concerned about secrecy. I will only say that she is apparently in her 20s, living in a patriarchal culture very unsympathetic to lesbianism, has had several relationships with men (I don’t know how intimate) – which pale in…[Read more]

  • “Melvin, you seem to be missing the point of the painting. It’s about the fleetingness of fortune.” Allyn commented as the three of them stood in front of the 14th century by Dosso Dossi.

    “I just see it diff […]

  • “You’re beautiful, attractive, sexy – you could have anyone you wanted.   Why not Tiler?”

    Tina drew an arm around Jia’s shoulders and squeezed her in a friendly manner. She smirked at her fellow blonde, who […]

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    I had tried to post this, but it just vanished!

    My doubts about the advantages of the legalization of same-sex marriage have been overcome. The PEDIATRIC journal of the AMA has come out with a report that the states that led in legalizing same-sex marriages saw, as soon as they legalized, a reduction in teenage suicide attempts. This is a big…[Read more]

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  • Nephele…..(Kit & Tina)

    It had been several sunrises since discovering Bette mothered a “possible” child with Kelly. Refusing to emerge from her room Tina felt alone in a world filled with anger, heart […]

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    After getting his Harvard law degree and license to practice Melvin moved back to Pittsburgh to work for a prestigious law firm. As he advanced within the ranks it was suggested that he put aside his philandering […]

  • I am sorry that interest in this thread waned.

    I do want to say that a question that has vexed me for decades – and probably also vexed you, Dear Reader – is WHY/HOW ARE WE WHAT WE ARE?

    WHY IS IT YOU & I ARE LESBIAN (or BI or HETERO or whatever)?

    Usually we knew, kind of, what track we were on even before we knew how…[Read more]

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  • There was always a problem with LGB gathering spots – straights were terrified that somehow we would seduce their kids! So the easiest solution was setting up bars – because no kids allowed where liquor is served. Unfortunately, providing adult beverages to people who were already dragging emotional baggage seldom made their baggage any lighter.…[Read more]

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  • New Pasadena, 10:00 am. Monday, July 30, 2057. New CalTech-Biochemistry building – Top-floor lab


    The huge mirror has been activated; Louise approaches and uses her index to push the tiny spot on the su […]

  • Which is why a site like this is so great — because it is, in a way, a “gathering place,” even as the lesbian bars have faded out. So thank you, again @Jackie!

    Broadly speaking, women’s only “gathering places” are on the rise, I think. Have joined a women’s only club in NYC which is a fantastic place to chill, meet people, or just do your…[Read more]

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  • I want to toss in my two cents on a recent documentary from Viceland cable TV on the extinction of lesbian bars across the US. Not gay bars (mostly male) but female bars. The nation’s oldest, Phase 1, in Wash.DC, started in 1970, closed its doors in 2016 due to lack of business. There are now no specifically lesbian bars in DC, San Fran., New…[Read more]

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    Pulling back the dressing room curtain to address the sales person waiting on the other side, Helena Peabody asked if they could make a few alterations to the dress that Tina Kennard was trying on.

    “Could we h […]

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