CHAPTER 130

    Tina was standing in the chaos that was her apartment – packing cases were all over the place. At the moment the first van of her stuff was heading its way to Bette’s place. Bet […]

  • Forged in Fire: Chapter 25While Bette slumbered in post-coital bliss, Tina took a moment to contact Niles Sheridan. He was her contact at the New York Times. She told him that she had in fact changed her mind and […]

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    CHAPTER 129

    “Please tell me that you only wore this to a bad taste party ?” Bette asked.
    They were packing up the last of Tina’s belongings before she moved all her possessions to Bette […]

  • Chapter 26

    They sit side by side in silence for a few minutes.

    “I am extremely proud of you Tina. Of what you’ve accomplished in your career.” Bette says after a while. Tina looks sideways at Bette and feel […]

  • Previously                                                                                  

    Bette looks down at her daughter and just can’t deny her the attention. She climbs onto the bed and presses up aga […]

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  • Day 2


    March, 8th, Toronto Pearson International Airport


    Before going to her office, Carrie has dropped Tina at the Toronto Airport.

    Tina: “I’ll call you as soon as I get in the hotel […]


    CHAPTER 127

    Tina just adored spending time with Melvin and Rosemary . They had , without exception, been utterly supportive about her and Bette. It was a whole new dynamic for her to be […]

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    Sunday morning, Bette woke first, her eyes opening slowly to the light as she took in the lovely shape of the blonde lying next to her. Tina was on her stomach, the sheets and blanket kicked off to reveal shapely, […]

  • CHAPTER 126

    Bette was trying to hold Tina up after they had got out of the cab that had dropped them off outside their soon to be shared home. Tina was drunk – very drunk. One bottle of champagne with Peggy w […]

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    ”What if she wants to….I don’t know…..raise pigs?”

    Bette and Shane looked at Alice as though she had lost her mind.

    ”Raise pigs?”  Bette asked with a raised eyebrow.

    ”It’s just an example,” Alice sa […]

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    Bette had been really impressed and excited over the preliminary contract Tina showed her. She gave her suggestions over negotiations and laughed when Tina relayed that Peggy was correct in her assumption that […]

  • CHAPTER 125

    “I just cannot believe everything that has happened in the last 10 months “
    “Is that in a good way ?”
    Bette smiled. Tina had decided that they deserved a treat so she was treating Bette to dinner […]

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    It has been two weeks since Tina has come home. She’s in the kitchen cooking breakfast for her Beloved and Shane. Today will be Tina’s first day back to work, and through a series of phone calls over the past two […]

  • DAY 1


    March 7th, Toronto Canada


    Tina is at her desk, preparing her trip to Los Angeles for the next morning, she is in her laptop, retrieving her boarding pass and making sure it will show on her c […]

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    Tina had woken early as usual, leaving Bette sleeping she had had gone downstairs and smiled when she had seen all Bette’s friends were sleeping spread out across the living room floor. She took out a small b […]

  • Chapter 124
    Tina was packing a box with DVD’s – in the end she had taken Bette and Shane’s advice and decided to hire a team of female removers to shift her stuff from her apartment to Bette’s house. The move wa […]

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    The sun hadn’t even come up yet as Bette and Tina slowly walked, hand in hand towards the Planet. They weren’t usually up before the sun however today was different, they were heading to Palm Springs for Dinah Sho […]

  • “There you are Babygirl; I’ve been looking for you. What are you doing in here by yourself?” Kit asks as she walks into the kitchen from the patio doors.

    “Oh, Tina’s going to the bathroom and I thought I […]

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