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    Jacky – I received several notifications today on old chapters being posted – so something weird seems to still be going on in the site. I did post a test chapter entry & that did post okay. FYI
    Thanks, Collins

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    Testing site

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    Jacky. Thank you for fixing the problem as I was able to read the story. Props to you for keeping this valuable site up and running. It is very much appreciated by all of us who cherish these stories by keeping the Tibette legacy alive.

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    Jacky, I made a change to my account per the email sent yesterday. Still no idea what is happening with it. Please advise. Thank you, Billy

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    I am still getting 400 page notice on Super K story update. I had it all weekend and still happening as of two minutes ago Demons in the machine?

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    I have changed a setting. Those who were having problems this weekend, please check to see if the issues have cleared up and report back HERE – not email. Thank you.

  • I am not sure what is going on. My log in results in a blank page. I can’t trash any of the three postings. I have tried to edit but it won’t let me.

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    Can someone help @SUPERK with posting chapters to a book? @protoeonomics perhaps? Thanks!

  • Throughout the morning, Bette thought about the situation with Alice.  She usually could sense when Alice needed help, but lately she had to admit she had not been paying attention.  Bette had attempted to c […]

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    It was as if overnight Tina’s pregnancy made it’s presence known. She woke feeling bigger, achy, her hips and back protesting the position she slept in and when she sat up to go to the bathroom, she noticed a dar […]

  • Author’s Note –   

    First off – a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Jacky & Lesfan for hosting all these great stories and providing the platform for us all to enjoy. It’s awesome!!!

    Hi everyone – Thanks for checking ou […]

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  • One month later

    The Porter-Kennard family walked into Dana’s with beaming smiles on their faces.   They chatted causally as they headed over to the corner table on the patio, the usual place for the Sunday bru […]

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    Tina sat looking at the laptop screen, on it was a number of black and white photos of Bette. Her wife was wearing low slung Levi’s, her arm covering her breasts. She was laughing in some and more serious in o […]

  • Author’s Note – Just a small change in the Chapter Title. This one fit the chapter contents better than the previous named one!!! Thanks for understanding & please enjoy this update!


  • Long Beach, Nassau county – New York – Bette’s beach house Friday noon.


    Seeing Alice crying, Peggy stopped her conversation and Bette stood from her seat.

    Bette: “what is it, Alice? What’s happened?” […]

  • Tina blew out a quick breath, straightened the seams of her dress and smoothed out her jacket. She raised her hand to her chest and then dropped it, resisting the urge to touch the button camera.


    “Come in […]

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    Bette stayed for the entire duration of Tina’s trip. Content to occupy herself during the day with yoga, swimming, museums and bookstores, she also became a regular on the set of Tina’s movie. It was such a thr […]

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    Hi all, I’m looking for another fic I read a while back. If I’m remembering correctly Bette and the gang have been contacted about some catastrophic event and have to get resources and find a safe place to wait it out. Dr. Wilson is part of their group because they need someone with medical experience. There are several groups in the area and I…[Read more]

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