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    Tina’s eyes narrowed. She felt a headache coming on, the edge of it creeping up the back of her neck. She bit her lip, watching as Rudy squinted at the document as his lawyer explained it to h […]

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    Bette moved quickly to the table where her friends were sitting.

    ”Heeey! Are you really here, dear!”

    She hugged Dana, who stood up to greet Bette.


    ”Oh, Porter, sometimes I feel like you’re coming f […]

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    As for the election, Bette and Milner traded leads the rest of the evening. Dani and Pierce shuffling back and forth with updates and data information. Bette and Dani’s heads frequently bent over t […]

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    The appointment with Dr. Wilson for their 8-weeks check-up was so different from their first experience as parents to be. Tina was just as far along into the pregnancy, but the previous two months had been spent […]

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    Yale – 1996 

    “Good morning my friend… how did the essay go last night? Did you finish it?” Tina greeted the brunette, who was sitting at their usual table at the cafeteria very early in the morning. The blon […]

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    Bette stepped back to appraise the large painting; her hands on her hips. Something about the painting was off. She couldn’t tell if it was the lighting or the angle or the painting itself, but it didn’t look rig […]

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    LA – Summer 2002 

    At a karaoke bar 

    After hearing her name being called, Bette started wondering, still in the same  position and not removing her hands from her eyes, had that really happened?  How could […]

  • ”Have you already decided when you’re leaving?” sounding slightly breathless, Molly wondered as she jogged beside Tina.

    Tina glanced at the woman before turning her gaze to the jogging path ahead. Squin […]

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    I’m looking for a story I’ve read. Can’t remember anything except this little part: Tina and Bette are trying to get back together. They come back from a date and Tina’s babysitter tells Tina that Angie was sick so she called her mother for help. Bette gets upset and tells Tina off about the babysitter and Tina in return gets angry and tells B…[Read more]

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    Joyce Wishnia had been Bette and Tina’s lawyer alternating between the two women for over seven years. She was recommended to them by their friend Alice who kept a top 10 list of everything; Joyce was ranked n […]

  • A few days at the lake house did the whole family good. Angie became more open and her moms were back in her zone of trust, Tina and Bette were constantly close to each other. ”Close” means constant glances, tou […]

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    ina lay back in her hospital bed, her eyes closed. She wasn’t sleeping she was simply resting. Her mind was still racing. She couldn’t believe she had left the house. She had every intention of ending things. She […]

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    Candace slammed her telescope closed on her palm with a snap, hissing. Dawn had broken, the fog of night just lifting when the cry came from her spotter, high above in the crow’s nest. There was no mistaking the s […]

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    Yale – 1996 

    A few months had gone by since Bette and Tina had become friends. They  saw each other almost every day, whether it was for lunch, breakfast, studying  sessions or pretty much everything else […]

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