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    Bette knelt, naked, her hands tied behind her back, her eyes down. Bette’s hair was in a lose ponytail at the nape of her neck. She felt at peace and she couldn’t explain it. she hadn’t expected any of this befor […]

  • Bette looked around the large kitchen that Tina had led her into when they had a arrived at a large private property up in the hills. The house looked like something she’d seen in Good Living magazine, but you c […]





    Recluse artist Tina Kennard uploaded 25 10×08 limited edition paintings onto her website at 00.00PMT th […]

  • They had arrived at the Planet and had ordered dinner, before Tina had made her excuses and gone back out to the car to get the four parcels. She smiled to herself as she walked back in, she walked over the […]

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    Tina smiled, drinking more of her water, her eyes meeting Bette’s over the top of the bottle. “Not Turnip, Baby. Turn. Up. Turnup. Boo called him that and everyone else followed suit. She had a nickname for som […]

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    Tina tapped her foot to the beat of the song playing as she slowly painted she was working a another piece that depicted fire. She had decide that her internet series was going to be called, Fire and Flames and […]

  • Bette woke early to find the beautiful blonde still cuddled in her arms. She wasn’t exactly sure what time the funeral was, so she kissed her lover’s warm shoulder and snuck out of the bed. She wanted to drive bac […]

  • Two Months Later

    Bette watched as James tried to help maneuver a couple of large crated paintings into the Gallery floor.  Two men were backing up through the hall with the paintings on a dolly.

    ”Watch th […]

  • Tina sat in her studio, drawing. Her iPod playing soft rock music, she was using card to draw on and she had bought a number of frames to frame each piece before she would put them on her website. She had decided […]

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    Bette stood in the middle of Porter LA as she looked at the piece they were trying to put into place. She was hosting a group show and slowly all the artists work was arriving. The main public gallery was still […]

  • Tina sat with her eyes closed as Bette drove towards the Planet, it was the first time they were going out since Tina’s seizure.  She was very calm and relaxed, she had taken up yoga and was sleeping well. She ha […]

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    “I see.” Tina lets go of the ring from Kit and picks up the other ring. It’s heavy in her hand like her heart in her chest at this moment.  Her voice again barely a whisper. She stares at the gold p […]

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    Seahurst and Allyemmerson’s stories have been very, very popular over the years.

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    Can anyone PLEASE provide a list of their favorite Tibette stories? I will read them all. Thank you very much.

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    I have been away longer than I thought. But life happens.I did a memoir on adoption I am about to agent–I found my birth family after 54 years and otherwise, I have been buried in Children’s Lit. One more critical class next summer and I will be done. Need to get inspired a bit to beginning writing for grown ups.This is my true reprieve.

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    Bette moved her head from one side to the other, trying to see her eye makeup in the mirror around Tina’s head. She could smell Tina’s shampoo and she angled her head to breath in more, kissing her on the side of […]

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