• Tina grabbed Bette’s hand squeezing it tightly as she felt the plane start its descent into Raleigh Durham International Airport. She was always known for her calmness and steady hands in the operating room. N […]

  • Chapter 13

    Bette’s POV


    The warm water cascades down on me, providing a short relief to my stiff muscles. Raising up my face to the continuous stream I let my tears run freely, hoping the shower will wa […]

  • Rayne wrote a new fiction post, Bowled Over-Chapter 1 2 days ago

    Chapter 1

    UCLA Bus:

    Alice: Bette? You haven’t said two words since we left

    Bette: Two words

    Bette then turned her head back to look out of the window of the bus. Alice huffed and rolled her e […]

  • BK wrote a new fiction post, Remember Who You Are 53 2 days, 21 hours ago

    In all the years of their long relationship Tina had never seen Bette look at her like she was right now. Used to the many different gazes of love, of lust, of pure desire … even of anger or despair, confusion a […]

  • Chapter 12


    Tina’s POV     



    I taught myself from a young age to say goodbye. Not to get to close too people. Not to get attached, because there’s always a farewell somewhere around the corner. […]

  • Next few weeks passed by in a blur of activity.


    They dutifully attended individual therapy and couples therapy once a week. Bette worked and studied a lot. The interior renovations were almost completed […]

  • Chapter 4: Tina’s Turmoil  

    Bette was driving Angie to the airport and her daughter was not in a good mood. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Bette had struggled to get her out of bed. Into the shower. “Do […]

  • Rayne wrote a new fiction post, Chapter 1- The Move 5 days, 13 hours ago

    Chapter 1

    The Hamptons–New York

    ”Well I think I have everything Alice” Tina says sadly as she grabs the last box marked kitchen sitting on the floor by the front door.

    ”Jesus Tina. I can’t believe y […]

  • Chapter 11


    Tina’s POV        

    There’s a whole life ongoing outside, on the streets, people scurrying for last-minute Christmas shopping, doing groceries or on their way to friends or family. All […]

  • Chapter 10

    Tina’s POV    


    ‘She is already on the highest dose of morphine, this is all I can add.’ The tall, distinguished doctor says as he gently empties the injection with a sleeping cocktail i […]

  • Chapter 3

    After getting herself cleaned up and bandages replaced on her face, Bette sat in the wheelchair waiting for her lunch. Her mind was still full over her argument with Victoria and seeing Tina again. […]

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    Jacky, I too am having trouble posting a comment. I do not get an error message but when the story reloads, the comment does not appear. As an author, I know how important these messages are so I really want to be able to let writers know how much I enjoy reading their work. Hope it can be resolved soon, appreciate all you do to create this place…[Read more]

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    Hey Jacky, i am a little frustrated with this site. Every single time i try to post a comment the site freeze and i am not able to write anything. And can’t refresh or type, nothing at all. And what’s more strange is that if i write my comment in Word and copy and paste it, it does work well. I have no problems to read but the comment part is the…[Read more]

  • Billy wrote a new fiction post, Chapter 3: Dinner with Peggy 1 week ago

    Chapter 3: Dinner with Peggy 

    Bette grabbed the mail and came into the house carrying an armload of college brochures and catalogs. “How is this even possible?” Bette wondered aloud. “It’s too soon.” Shane was […]

  • Rayne wrote a new fiction post, Chapter 2- Reunited 1 week ago

    Chapter 2

    Tina turned her Mercedes onto the driveway leading to her mother’s house. She parked and grabbed her purse and Kyle’s birthday gift out of the backseat. Struggling to get any ounce off energy to flo […]

  • Rayne wrote a new fiction post, Chapter 1-The Pact 1 week ago

    Chapter 1

    July 1989

    ”It’s ok Tina. We will see each other again” Bette said as she sat next to Tina comforting her in their special hiding place in the woods not too far from their house’s.

    ”But I don’t w […]

  • Chapter 9

    Tina’s POV 

    I sit down on the bed, holding Renee’s hand as she slowly wakes up from a restless sleep, the pained growl leaving her mouth sends ice shards down my spine, a grimace of pain slid […]

  • stargazer wrote a new fiction post, Fine Line 1 week, 2 days ago

    Bette’s POV

    The Earth is infinite in its way of constantly turning, changing, and evolving yet it pays no attention to the people that rely on its constant movement to survive. It’s the same with the heart tha […]

  • Chapter 8


    Tina’s POV


    Last days have been excruciating. It’s like we landed in this downward spiral and every day we just slip further down. When I see Bette sweet and caring with Renee, doing every […]

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