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  • Tina’s scent lingered in Bette’s nostrils. Then it journeyed through her lungs to her bloodstream which carried it straight to her heart. The fragrance of Tina circled Bette’s heart and gently squeezed. Bette […]

  • And so it was that Tina answered the knock on the door, receiving news from their guard, bringing happiness to her captain after waking her with kisses and gentle touches. It took a minute, Bette under a smog of […]

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    Does anyone know the author of this fiction. I remember bette and Tina getting back together and they getting married. Jodie tries drug bette with a water bottle not realizing she pregnant.

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    Hi guys. I’m trying to find a fic where Bette is Tina’s sister-in-law. Tina is dating Bette’s brother (or is married to him). In the course of the story he dies in a car accident and Tina discovers that she is pregnant. Bette is a lawyer and falls in love with Tina.


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    Does anyone recognise this story? Bette has a gallery in New York? Tina lives in Seattle with 3 children, the eldest & Tina visit galleries in New York, and meet MaBe. Bette’s partner Veronica has been killed in a car accident ?? Does this ring a bell with @anyone? TIA

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  • Bette’s POV  

    ‘And so instead I ended up changing my spare room into an atelier.’

    Mesmerized by the movement of Tina’s hands as she moistens them with hand cream I barely notice that my mother in law is prob […]

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    I hold onto Noah’s hand as we walk into the gallery. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I don’t think I’ve been here since Logan, but we are meeting Bette. I walk in and hold the door for Noah to come in. […]

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  • Chapter 1

    —New York City—Global Press—present day

    The aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air as the sound of keyboards being furiously battered resonated throughout the entire office floor.  Cubicl […]

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    “Tina darling,”

    Tina groaned inwardly at the way her agent spoke to her, but Yvonne was old skool and liked to treat all her clients the same it just so happened that Tina was her biggest grossing sta […]

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    Tina moved around the kitchen putting the finishing touches to the meal she was cooking for her and Bette. it had been two months since they had meet and Bette was coming to stay for the weekend. She wanted […]

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