• Sacramento, California

    Friday, May 27, 2011

    Early Morning

    Hours of guilt and worry exhausted Eric and Tina during their cross-country plane ride. Guilt over keeping secrets and worry about Bree […]

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    Tonight (Oct 17) the American Horror Story has an episode which focused on the 1968 shooting of Andy Warhol by Valerie Solanis (played by guest star Lena Dunham), with considerable drama about the before (mostly nonfiction) and after (mostly fiction). Apparently Solanis’s booklet, the SCUM Manifesto, the battle call for her for Society for…[Read more]

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    Also in the story I’m looking for Tina has a temper. She calls it a Kennard temper. They have this party in their backyard for their engagement or housewarming and that’s when Bette gets drunk and asks if Tina misses dick because tina’s Younger sister is talking to her about a guy she met. Please help me!!!

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    HEY guys I’m looking for a story. Bette and Tina get together Tina has a temper in this story they call it the “kennard temper” Shane ends up sleeping with Tina’s sister and Tina gets mad at Bette about it. They have an engagement party or something and Bette asks Tina if she misses dick when she gets drunk lol help me please.

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    *** IMPORTANT – we may be modifying the fanfic software. We’d lose some features like favorites’ notifications and “previous/next” post by an author. How bad would that be? Could you stand it?

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    2018 The L Word! But Erin Daniels?! How will they pull THAT off?!

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    We are having a server issue, and our hosting company is working on it. There are periodic outages. Please be patient.

  • Hi Jacky, I don\’t know if it\’s my PC but i frequently get a message that athe wanted page is not found. If I log in, i cannot go to my faves. It gives a blank page. is there anything i need to do or is this problem known?

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    Hey Jacky, i get two different messages when i try to go to another page , it seems to only occur at the Fan Fiction . The messages i get is: 504 Gateway Time-Out and Error 404.

    I hope it is temporally

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    Hey Jacky,

    I het this message when i want to go to another page. The problems seems to only excist by reading stories. \” 504 Gateway Time-Hout or Error 404.

  • Manhattan, New York

    Thursday, May 26, 2011

    Late Afternoon

    Tina shifted nervously on the couch in her and Bette’s home. Her mind was swirling. Eric and Lexi had just told her that Bree found out about h […]

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