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    You Do NOT Get to Say Her Name

    The evening passed, although neither Willow nor Tara noticed the fleeing hours.

    They had remained in each others arms, on the floor behind the door for almost four hours. Neither one acknowledged the screaming pains in their legs and feet from sitting in the same positions for so long.

    Silence fell over the house and over Sunnydale as one by one, the potentials turned in for the night, the moon shone brightly in the sky and cast Willow and Tara in an otherworldly glow.

    Finally Willow broke the silence.

    ”I think we should go to bed.” she whispered, “Got a big day tomorrow.”

    In her arms, Tara mumbled sleepily but stayed curled up against the door.

    “Tara!” Willow tried again, a little more forcefully.

    “What?” Tara mumbled again.

    “C’mon, let’s turn in, we have a big day and if it all goes wrong, we have the rest of forever to sleep!” she joked weakly as she got up and stretched against the cramps that threatened to take control of her limbs.

    Climbing into bed, Willow watched Tara through fascinated eyes as she stripped from her jeans and vest and stretched as she yawned.

    “What?” the blonde asked when she caught Willows eyes.

    Smiling, Willow shook her head slowly, her eyes taking in Tara’s rippling stomach and firm, taut thighs.

    Climbing into the large bed, Tara snuggled up behind Willow and breathed deeply, the intoxicating smell of her lover’s shampoo filling her nose and comforting her immediately.

    “I love you Willow!” she whispered softly.

    “I love you too baby.” Willow replied, as she closed her eyes and welcomed the warm embrace of Tara and sleep.


    For the first time in what seemed like months, birds greeted the dawn loudly. Buffy was already awake, she had heard Willow and Tara’s exchange the night before and found she couldn’t sleep. She hoped it was due to the love and unbreakable bond she knew she would never have but that they shared but in her heart, she knew it was the because of the day ahead.

    Standing at the foot of the basement stairs, she watched the sun rise through the small window, behind her, Spike stirred slowly, his peroxide blonde head bobbing gently as he awoke.

    “Are you ready?” she asked as he sat up on the small cot.

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