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    The Homecoming

    We collapse on the bed. Our lips still glued together as they have been from the moment YOU first walked through the door.

    As our tongues frolic and dance. An ecstasy of fumbling as we clumsily undress each other without once breaking our kiss. And at last our nude bodies are completely entwined, a delicious tangle of bare arms and long legs.

    Our eager hands are reach the hidden places as well as the wide open spaces of tummy, thigh, breast, bottom. Nothing is left untouched in our loving explorations.

    Suddenly I wriggle free and try to make my escape across the bed but the tigress swiftly recaptures her prey and sets about parting the lower limbs to reveal the tenderest morsels hidden within. I am completely powerless as you feast on the hot wetness of my openings.

    Then I tickle you. I break free again, only to be immediately and happily recaptured and pulled across your knees.

    Three sharp stinging blows on my bare bottom. Long pauses between each slap. I am grinning from ear to ear because I know well that my Mistress is never happier than when she is swatting her sub’s firm little bot.

    I welcome the pain. Hurting me is a vital part of the way you love ME and welcoming the pain is part of the way I love YOU. And of course the hurting is followed by rewards. Such wonderful rewards which you give with such loving generosity. Always unexpected. Always shockingly erotic and today’s reward will be no exception.

    You bestow your gift. A gift only a Domme can give. Your voice, low pitched almost a growl. Your WORDS melt my entire being…

    “Amy, I’m going to lie here and watch you come.”

    You lie on the bed, on your front, resting on your elbows. I sit on the edge of ottoman, one heel up by my bottom, one leg dangling and begin my climb.

    The first pulse comes quickly and with it that wonderful concentration of feelings at my centre.

    Now I’m the helpless slave of my own desire. It gathers fast. Your eyes never leave me. You watch my moisture as it smears the tops of my thighs. You watch as I press my fingers on my tummy, just above my mound. I pull up the flesh of my mound and with fingers splayed, reveal my opening, so hot, so wet, so hungry. Everything is open, everything is revealed.

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