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    The Shipwreck – Chapter 10

    I can’t remember how it happened, but after the first orgasm I found myself in her arms while she carried me to the cave. I felt going limp and I couldn’t care less; she could do whatever she wanted, every part of my body was hers.

    I was soon met by the softness of the mattress and she leaned down on me soon after. I was in a state of dizziness; what I had experienced earlier kind of emptied my mind from all those things that bothered me. The climax left me hollow in a good way, and I was already ready to feel and be fulfilled again.

    She noticed it too, as I tried to pull my legs closer to try to take what little relief I could manage. 

    ”Uh, uh” she shook her head. ”Let me fix that?” she whispered in a husky voice.

    I only stared at her, nodding. She looked at me with such passion and devotion. Her eyes burning through my skin which was already hot. 

    ”Spread them wider” she whispered again, ”Make some more room for me”

    And I did. I felt full exposed now, more open than how I was at the river. She moved back, placing both her knees between my legs, spreading mine wider with the thighs. I whimpered, and that made my wetness flow out even more, and the fresh air blowing against my wet flesh drove me crazy. 

    She looked at me, admiring my most intimate place; I could see her pupils dilating from the arousal: a moth drawn by her light source. I threw my head back as she pressed her thumb on my clit, and I opened my mouth in a silent scream. 

    No voice came out, the breath caught in my throat. My eyes rolled back for the sensation was too strong it sent shock waves from my legs to the tips of my toes. Then she moved it down my slit, pushing it deep inside, massaging my warm walls and opening me up. I was so ready for her.  

    ”Look at me” she asked, after I shut my eyes. ”Look at me” she repeated.

    She leaned forward capturing my lips, devouring me. She was indeed the savage one, and I was her prey. So willed to be eaten. Out in the river, as a first encounter, it had been slower; this time around she didn’t leave anything unexplored; there wasn’t an inch of me left untouched and she did it with a fiery hunger. 

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    1. Who is this man? Obviously a man from the local tribe as he spoke a language Tina recognized but does not speak. Unusual to be alone though?

      Nice morning for Tina and Bette. Bette seems to have some experience if she can read desire from body movements and a what is reflected in Tina’s eyes…. Very sensual descriptions….

      Love to

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