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    You Do NOT Get to Say Her Name

    The human stirred. Her body hurt and her hand was cramped from gripping her prize. She opened her hazel eyes and blinked a few times as they focused.

    “Hey boy!” she whispered and patted the dogs head fondly.

    In response, the dog licked her cheek once more and sat heavily. She looked around and realised she was almost home. Looking back at the dog, she smiled. “You saved me!” she said tears choking her voice. The dog cocked its head but it was clear that even such a small movement was a huge effort for it.

    Looking up nervously at the sky the dog reluctantly got to its feet and nuzzled the humans hand. She let go of her new weapon and got to her feet, her muscles screaming as she did so. After a quick stretch, she bent to retrieve her weapon but found that the dog had already picked it up and was wearily making its way to her home.

    She followed slowly, her mind racing. Plans, strategies and ideas flooding her consciousness.

    As the dog turned onto her path, it stumbled slightly, before regaining its footing and taking five or six – she couldn’t count – more steps and succumbing to its injuries and exhaustion and collapsing on the lawn. Rushing to the dogs side, she stroked its head softly.

    “C’mon, you gotta be ok, get up!” she begged the dog, although from its laboured breathing and blood matted fur she was sure the dog was on its last legs.

    “WILLOW!!!!!!!!!!” She yelled towards the house.

    Willow, who had been sat alone in the dining room, leapt to her feet and rushed out the front door, the others all close behind.

    On the lawn, Buffy was crouched over a dog, tears flooding down her face and dropping onto the rapidly expiring canine.

    Everyone burst into life, all talking and rushing in and out, fetching the most random things that they thought could be of use.

    Tara strode to the middle of the group and lifted the stricken dog in her arms as Willow and Amanda helped Buffy into the house.

    Laying the dog on the rug, Tara stroked his head gently. She could feel his life force draining from him and knew there was nothing she could do to save him. All she could do was comfort the dog in his final minutes.

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