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    You Do NOT Get to Say Her Name

    Tara dropped her hand only inches from Willows cheek and she turned towards the window. The glorious early morning sunshine that had punctuated their impending violent outbreak had suddenly vanished, replaced instead with an eerie, storm like darkness that sent shivers down her spine as she rested her hand on the cool glass.

    Behind her, Willow opened her eyes, which had been squeezed shut as she braced herself for the slap she knew was coming. In her chest, her heart was shattering, just the thought that Tara would consider hitting her, let alone actually do it was tearing her up.

    Glancing over to the window, she frowned at the impromptu darkness and cautiously stepped towards Tara.

    Suddenly the blonde turned, seriousness, fear and regret etched over her usually pretty face and giving her an almost creepy look.

    “It’s time!” she said simply and rushed from the room.

    Turning into Revello Drive, the American Pit-bull limped slowly. Had it had the power of speech, it would have complained about the pain in its jaw and side and the unwillingness of its human companion. But alas, he had no such ability and so, he limped on dragging his near lifeless companion faithfully.

    Darkness engulfed the odd couple and the dog paused, looking up at the sky and dropping its mouthful, he stopped and sat. As lightning flashed across the sky, the dog looked to the heavens and howled.

    For the first time since they had arrived, the potentials stood silently in the living room. Each one hanging their head as they contemplated the task ahead.

    “Well this is wicked morbid!”

    The husky tone from the staircase caused everyone to turn in unison, small, weak smiles lit the faces as they saw Faith standing there.

    “It’s time.” Tara told her, nodding towards the window. “You up for it?”

    Faith made her way to the rest of the group and looked outside. Lightning flashed brightly across the sky and she wondered if maybe they were expecting a hurricane but knew in her heart that Tara was indeed right.

    “I’m ready!” she confirmed and the room lapsed into silence once more.

    Blood flowed freely, the dog had suffered badly at the hands of Caleb and yet it refused to give in. Exhausted from dragging his load, he paused and nuzzled the human once more, licking her dirt-streaked face and whining pitifully.

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