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    I L Y

    Spring was beating a temporary retreat as a polar vortex swept over the land, knocking temps down to levels reminiscent of the winter that had ended a mere two months ago. Lumpy masses of sleet split the angular hood of Jo’s SUV that plowed steadily through the unexpected late spring winter-like storm. Jo imagined that if it had been raining, weathermen have used “torrential” to describe it.

    She flicked the windshield wipers a notch higher. Movement on the passenger side made her smile.

    “You looked so peaceful I didn’t want to wake you.”

    Becca rubbed her eyes, waking slowly, shaking off a brain fog. Ok, where am I? Lemme think. I ran into Jo at that charity thing, which shook me, and I had my guard up, but somehow after melting me with that song, and a moving speech about how sorry she was about ending things abruptly three years ago, she’d gotten me to drive up with her to her weekend place up in Duchess County. If Jo had been a guy, I would never have agreed to this, no question. But just because she’s a girl, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t crazy to agree to drive up with her, right?

    I dunno what it is that I need to fish out of me that lets Jo transfix me with her smile, flirty eyes, hypnotic voice … that whole “Jo package.” Because this is nuts: I was cool until I was not. And now, I’m on my way to a remote corner of some mountain I’ve never been to with someone who broke my heart three years ago. I can’t even blame this sorcery on her kiss this time, dammit.

    Is it co-dependency? Is that what it is? And why does it only come out with Jo?

    When they left Manhattan, the city lights were burning brightly. Now, they were somewhere north of the city, in the middle of a snowstorm, and it was freaking pitch black outside.

    Becca fumbled for the button that would lift the back of her seat up, brain cells beginning to fire. “I didn’t realize it was still snowing these days. Isn’t spring about to end or something?”

    Blowing snow smacked into the windshield, but it whittled down to pretty flakes when it floated past their windows. Not so bad, actually. Driving through airy, swirly, magical flakes so late in spring. Romantic, even.

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    1. I am not familiar with these two characters – Becca and Jo. I went back and started at the beginning, so, these comments are for the two chapters.

      Chapter 1 – Oh, my god. What a absolutely horrendous situation. Becca is so much in love with Jo and is ready to announce to her friends and family that she is in a relationship with a woman. Jo tries to convince her not to go through with her outing to her family, which does not work. On the way to the family gathering Jo ends the relationship with Becca for her own good. Needless to say Becca falls apart. The pain and anguish Becca feels is devastatingly clear to the reader. Becca even though she spends months under the care of her family and hours in therapy never reveals to her family and friends that her massive breakdown is the result of a lesbian relationship breakup. Becca continues to love Jo but continues to anguish over the sudden break up without knowing the reason why.

      The story has a flash black to when the two characters meet and begin their romantic relationship. This is certainly an attraction at first sight which by all appearances develops into a deep love for both parties.

      Chapter One ends when three years after the breakup, Becca is in New York City in time square when an electronic billboard catches her eye that features an androgynous model of male clothing – her ex girlfriend Jo.

      Chapter Two – Three years after the abrupt termination of their relationship, Becca is talked into attending a charity event by her friends. At the event, across the room, she see her long lost love Jo. Jo sees her and works her way to Becca vicinity to say hello. The rest of the chapter tells what happens the rest of the evening. Much of the dialogue is in the mind of Becca. Becca and Jo find a secluded area where they can talk which does not go as well as either hopes. Jo takes an opportunity to serenade Becca an abbreviated explanation as to what happened three years ago. Jo gets an emergency alert on her property in upstate New York and needs to leave town at once. Jo agrees to take Becca with her for the weekend and the story goes on from there.

      After getting to the “cabin”, its becomes obvious that Jo is still very much attracted to if not in love with Becca. The weekend adventures are very descriptive and preview what might be a very interesting weekend for Becca.
      There is an indication that not just a reunion but a reconciliation may be in the works for these two.

      I recommend this story and I encourage the author to add to this frequently as possible.

      • Hi Martha3128,
        Happy you’ve “met” Becca and Jo, and that you’re into their story. Thank you for taking the time to post a recap, and thank you, also, for recommending it. I’ll try to post the next chapter as soon as I can. But, as you can see, each one runs quite long, between 9k to 10k words a chapter, even as I try to make each word count and flow smoothly.. Hope you’ll find the next one as enjoyable a read as the first two.
        Take good care, in the meantime..
        “Talk” to you soon!
        – S –

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