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    Once upon a time there was a girl named Sara who loved to travel. She always traveled to places older than 5 centuries. It was kind of her thing to travel to older places so that she could report on the history of that place. Then came the day when she went to Paris, and that’s where our story begins:

    “Mom, are you sure we’re going to sit in first class on the plane to Paris?”

    “Yes, yes we are.”

    You see Sara was always up tight when she wrote her story.

    Anyway, the crew on the plane called for everybody to come in, and the first class seats were right in front of them.

    “Honey, here are our seats for the long flight.”

    Sara felt her stomach squeese. She didn’t like it when her mother called her “honey.”

    When the crew finished their video about safety, Sara went right to writing. “Well, I guess I’m going right to writing now.”

    As soon as they reached the clouds, she looked up from her journal and saw the most beautiful thing ever, the magnicafant, gorgeous clouds. She stared at the clouds until she got used to the beauty.

    After a while she turned on the TV. Sara clicked to her favorite show and watched. “I wonder if Paris is as wonderful as people say it is,” she thought as she watched.

    “Sara, time for your afternoon nap. Your doctor said it’s important.”

    “But, mom! I don’t feel tired.”

    Soon the people on the plane fell asleep and so did Sara. The next morning everyone awoke from their sleep.

    “I can’t seem to get clogged ears like a normal person,” she thought as they got their bags from the luggage roller.

    “I can remember the last time I went here,” her mom said.



    Wow, Sara thought as they got into a bus that brought them to their resort. Twenty minutes later they got to their resort and Sara woke up from her nap.

    “Wow!” she thought to herself as they saw the resort. She wondered what the main floor looked like.

    The doorman greeted them with a smile and said, with a French accent, “Greetings,” and opened the door for them.

    She was still thinking about how kind the doorman was when they got into the elevator. The elevator was enormous. She couldn’t wait to see the room.

    “Wow, the room was enormous, too.”

    I will love it here, she thought as she peered into the bedroom, bathroom, and the shower.

    High ceilings, cool or warm showers, it felt like home.

    Anyway, Sara also felt the place was luxurious. Little did she know that her mother planted them in first class and put them in this resort because it was to be their home, so that they could feel relakced.

    Later that day, her mother brought them to a super French restaurant. “I wonder if the food will taste good.”

    “Oh, yes it will. The French are one of the best chefs in the world.”

    Then Sara felt faithful. So she ordered the grilled chicken to see if it was spicy or not. It tasted great and not spicy.

    “I love this!”

    “Well, I’m glad you like it. Because you will live here now.”

    “Wait, what? Now my findings will never be in America! You ruined my friends, my family, and my story!”

    “Well, I’m sorry, it’s just that you’re doing badly in French at school. And you’ve been begging me to go to Paris ever since you were five, every day!”

    Then Sara felt guilty. She had annoyed her mother a lot.

    She was surprised when they reached their new home. Everything was gone!

    “Where did all the furniture go?” asked Sara.

    Then, as if on cque, a man with a large box entered the room.

    “What’s in there?”

    “Your mini sofa for your bedroom.”

    Sara was astonished.

    When she was in America, she sometimes had to share her room with little cousins or her friends who came to sleep over.

    Now she had a big room that was her own, for now.

    “Thanks, mom.”

    Then she saw piece after piece of furniture being rolled in. And then she saw her bed. It was just what she wanted. A princess-sized bed that had a super soft ultra beauty sleep mattress.

    “Thanks, mom, for everything.”

    She was excited to go out and discover things and see if there were other girls in the houses nearby.


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