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    The Secret Theatre


    It is said that in the old city of Prague there is a secret theatre. This theatre is known only to a very small number of people and has been the venue for a very special kind of entertainment for over two hundred years.

    Even the few who know the address would find it impossible to find. From outside, the place is as nondescript as all the other buildings in the quiet back-street. However at every performance all seats are filled.

    Once inside, visitors are stunned by the opulence of the interior. Dark red velvet hangings adorn the walls, gold filigree, silk cords, marble and dark polished wood all form the theatre’s backdrop. There is no box office, no money changes hands, and everyone has sworn an oath of secrecy.

    Wide staircases lead up from both sides to a dark upper gallery.

    Hundreds of candles light the open spaces and strange and erotic shadows will dance on the walls as guests pass by.




    It is nearly time for tonight’s performance and the first guests enter, a tall beautifully dressed woman accompanied by a younger girl. The woman is self-assured whilst her companion, in her dark cloak, seems shy and anxious. Her feet are bare.

    Another pair of guests arrives, similar in style to the first – the confidant escort and her demure companion. The women with heads held high are Dommes their companions, subs. Only such couples are admitted because performances are of interest only to women who love other women in this particular way. This theatre has always taken these natural tendencies to a high level of sophistication.

    The foyer is filling rapidly. Women dressed in elegant bespoke tailoring contrast with their bare foot companions who are all clad in identical dark cloaks

    A bell rings and the audience begins to move up the stairs to find their places in the gallery, a horseshoe shape of boxes, each with places for two. The occupants of each box can be clearly seen by all the others but if they withdraw to the back of their boxes where they are hidden from view. This private space is equipped with a padded shelf long enough to for a person to lay full length. Above the shelf are cupboards which contain straps and cords, massage oils and lubricants as well as the usual instruments of physical chastisement. Guests requiring something more specialised can summon a maid who will return with the device or medication requested.

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