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    One Lonely Night Chapter 4: In the Dark

    The alleyway is dark: empty. Grabbing her by the hand, I pull this gorgeous woman towards me, our lips meeting in a lingering kiss as my hips move forwards, pushing her against the smooth, brick wall. Those dusky eyes now burn with a crimson tinge, betraying the sheer excitement that clearly runs through her veins. Kissing her again, tongue parting those lush ruby lips, the hairs on the back of her delicate neck stand erect as she shivers – does she know what I’m about to do next?

    Hands massaging her stockinged-thighs, I nibble then suck firmly on her neck, leaving the beginnings of a lover’s souvenir. As my fingers push forwards, taking her short dress with them, they brush the edge of her knickers: I can already feel her wetness seeping through the fabric! Arching her back, her hips thrust in the same move as she tries to jam my fingers against her moist crotch – but that would be too easy!

    Breaking off, her eyes meet mine, turning bright scarlet as her trembling lips betray desperation.

    Pausing for what seems an eternity, I come at her in a frenzy, hands pulling up the skimpy black dress and ripping off her lace-bra in one movement. For a second I freeze, paralysed by the sight of those lily-white breasts; then, bending forwards, I trace over her left nipple with my tongue, teasing the other with my fingertips.

    As I look up to see the expression in her face, I’m drawn again to those trembling lips and stoop to meet them with another searching kiss. Hands slowly moving down her thighs, I tease her for a few moments until she breaks off our kiss, staring at me with pleading eyes, breathlessly whispering “Please!”

    I nearly melt on the spot – my own clit throbbing with excitement against the crotch of my tight, grey trousers.

    Grabbing her arse with both hands, I lift this delicious girl up and against the cold wall then, still holding onto her, I kneel down. Her legs rest on my shoulders as she leans back, the wall supporting her petite body.

    “Please, Sam – hurry!”

    Looking up, I can see Cat gasping breathlessly. Christ! She is so bloody gorgeous, especially when she’s desperate to come! Pulling her knickers to one side, her crotch opens invitingly, like a ripened peach. A groan escapes her lips as I kiss my way up her inner thighs, right up to the edge of her wetness and then…




    “What the…?”

    Whole body jolting at the sudden interruption, my hand flew out of my soaked knickers so quickly it smacked against the edge of the desk with a crack: ouch!

    “Sarge!” Ryder’s voice came echoing through the door. “We’ve got a woman kicking-off downstairs, said she’s been arrested just for trying to get back her mobile. She’s quite fit – you coming?”

    “Fuck!” I muttered through gritted teeth. “Not quite.”

    I HAD to stop wanking at work!

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