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    Where The Heart Lies

    Cat sat there perplexed in her own thoughts, she had enough time to decide who she wanted yet the conclusion was always the same; indecisive. Rubbing her temples she sighed deeply, how had her life become such a mess. She was always the sensible one, always responsible but yet here she was and there was no justifiable cause for her actions. She had spent the last month in Rio with Sam trying to forget who and what awaited for her back home. But even in her own mind she knew this shambles she called her life was nothing to the chaise and turmoil she would return back to. As the plane landed finally on familiar territory the short haired brunette felt all the worries and quarms return in a flicker of a second. There was no time for doubt, but yet that’s all that lingered at the back of Cat’s mind.

    ‘This is it’, she thought time to face the music. Her feet felt like they were being weighed down by bricks, she happily wanted to get back on that plane and never come back. But deep down she knew, her heart belonged in Glasgow not some dreary holiday that never ended. Eventually after picking their luggage up both women made it home, Sam couldn’t be happier to be back. Sure it had been nice escaping the everyday tasks of the mundane life, but she had missed work the evident trail of the job following and watching her footsteps closely. Without her job she wasn’t sure where she’d be, but she knew that although work solely used to have her heart it now had had an influential and infectious brunette it loved.

    ‘Are you back? We need to talk xx’

    Relaying the message back Cat suddenly felt sick and uneasy, how could she do this to Sam? She loved her. But her actions suggested otherwise. Pacing up and down the bedroom unsure of what was to follow, being back meant facing Frankie and that left her reeling in comatose state. The worry and anguish evident to see, the bags that had settled two months ago were yet to go. But she couldn’t blame them, she had been a wreck and on a downward spiral.

    “Sam, I’m just going to pop round and see Tess”. Cat suddenly felt relieved when Sam didn’t even bat an eyelid, but of course she knew it would be a different matter at hand if she said it was Frankie she was eager to see.

    “Don’t be too long though, thought we could have a chilled night in before all the madness begins”. Sam smiled as she glared lovingly at her girlfriend, the one who made her heart skip a beat. How had she come so lucky, Cat was everything she needed and more.

    Cat grinned through an ensemble of gritted teeth, Sam loved her and the ultimate betrayal was she was sleeping with Frankie behind her back. It was suppose to be this way, it was meant to simple. You fall in love and that’s that, not this confusing web of emotions tangling with lies, deceit, lust and love. But for Cat she couldn’t determine exactly how she felt, never mind pin point to whom she felt more drawn to be with. Kissing Sam’s cheek Cat made her way to Frankie’s flat, she wasn’t sure why she hadn’t just texted what she wanted to say. But then she stood at the door as Frankie greeted her, she knew why. As much as she loved Sam her heart was drawn to Frankie’s like a magnet. An undeniable force drew her to the blonde, and as much as she fought it, it would never be enough.

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