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    Chapter 1 – A Bet

    AN: So this is my first crack at writing Fanfiction. I was challenged in more ways than one. English is not my first language. Also writing a first chapter that introduces the setting without being boring was tough. I have a story plotted out and a vision for how this story is going to unfold. I know there are a ton of mistakes, and I apologize beforehand. Please be gentle with me & thank you for reading.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Lost Girl or any of the established characters. Established characters from Lost Girl belong to The Lost Girl creators.


    At the age of 27 Bo Dennis believes that she has life pretty much figured out. Because let’s face it – she is awesome and so is her life.

    She owns a bar. Or well, her grandfather Trick owns a bar, which he has decided to let Bo run. Trick used to run the bar as his little pet project but he is getting old and felt that retirement was appropriate. Trick apparently also thought that it was about time Bo did something with her life besides party, so he decided Bo should manage the bar. At least that way Bo would have a job and a responsibility, instead of just living of her trust fund.

    And if Bo has to grow up and get an actual job, managing a bar really isn’t that bad. She gets to make money doing the things she loves most in life; drink, party, drink some more and meet women she can hook up with pretty much every night. On a good night she may even hook up with more than one woman.

    Bo doesn’t have to do much work at night. The people she has employed take care off almost everything in the bar. She just hangs out in the bar, drinking with Kenzi and looking for women to hook up with and helps out if there are any problems.

    Yep, Bo Dennis is doing well! And walking from the bathrooms across the dance floor over to the bar where Kenzi is waiting for her, she feels like a womanizing rock star.
    You know the movie Staying Alive with John Travolta, where John Travolta is walking down the street with confidence and swag while the Bee Gees’ song Stain’ Alive is playing. – That is how Bo Dennis feels when she walks across the floor to the bar tonight. She is oozing sex appeal and she god damn knows it!

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    1. Susanne, I am not familiar with Lost Girl but I think you did an amazing job with this story. I’m looking forward to reading more. I don’t think you need to worry about your English. You write very well and the conversations flow very naturally. Keep going.

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