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    She Drove Away With My Heart Ch 22

    Chapter 22

    ”Hope everyone has everything they need because we’re just about to the hangar,” Bo announced and glanced around the car.

    ”We’re all set dear,” my mom answered with an ecstatic smile. One hand was on my father’s knee. She gave him a quick look before finding me.

    I was happy he decided to come along and even happier to say that he hadn’t been a stick in the mud since we picked them up in the limo twenty minutes ago. Dad genuinely seemed like he wanted to go on this trip. When his eyes met mine I offered a warm smile, which he returned until we were all distracted by the stopping of the car.

    Seconds later the driver opened the door revealing Bo’s black jet out on the tarmac. I stepped out first to the greeting of the same crew I’d met the first time quickly grabbing our bags from the trunk and taking them to the plane.

    ”Wow,” my dad gushed. ”That’s your private jet Bo?”

    ”Yes sir. You like her?”

    ”Beautiful. I’ve always had a fascination with planes. Thought about taking flying lessons once, but never got around to it. That’s a G6 right?”

    ”You nailed it. You know your planes.”

    ”Bo’s a pilot,” I interjected.

    ”Really?” My dad perked up even more. Bo was scoring all kinds of points today. ”Will you be flying us today?”

    ”I was planning to relax with you all today and let Captain Paul do all the work, but if you’d like Arthur, you could join me in the cabin and I will get us in the air?”

    I couldn’t remember ever seeing my dad’s eyes light up like a five year old at Christmas morning, but Bo’s invitation did the trick. ”I’d love to and Bo, please call me Art.”

    Mom and I looked at one another in utter shock. Not many people were allowed to call him Art outside of family. It usually took an act of God for him to warm up to someone that much and that act certainly took more than a few short meetings.

    ”All right Art.” Bo threw me a cocky glance with a half smirk. One that would usually have me pinning her to a wall within seconds, but parents and all… ”Let’s get us in the air.”

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