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    As Fate Would Have It- Chapter 14

    Alex was used to getting sweet compliments from beautiful women, that wasn’t anything new. There was always somebody trying to sweet-talk their way into Alex’s bedroom but Piper was completely different from everyone she had met her entire life. She had never felt this instant connection before, she had never craved for more and more from anybody in her life. Sure, her feelings towards Carmen came pretty close, but they were nothing compared to what she already felt for Piper. Alex craved to please the blonde and knowing that scared her a little bit. She was way more vulnerable with Piper than she had ever been with anybody else, but something about her made Alex feel safe and she knew she wouldn’t hurt her. She completely trusted Piper and she hadn’t been able to say that about any other romantic relationship she had ever had.

    They were both pretty sure everyone was in the house and asleep but they didn’t want to chance it so they ended their kiss before it went any further. Something neither of them really wanted to do.

    “Didn’t your mom say there’s some “perfect” spot to watch the sunrise from? I wanna watch it with you,” Alex admitted with flushed cheeks as she twirled her fingers with Pipers.

    Piper stared at Alex and smiled, completely smitten by her girlfriend in this moment. It never took much for Piper to feel this way for Alex, but when it hit her, it hit her hard. She couldn’t believe this perfect person did everything she had done that day for her, including meeting her closed-minded parents and making a wonderful impression on them. Piper finally gave in to what she had wanted to do all night and kissed Alex with the intent of never stopping, completely forgetting about her entire family being in a house not far from where they were.

    Alex gave in, too and before she knew it her hands were caressing Pipers hair and their hearts were racing. Piper pulled herself closer to Alex, closing any gap there might have been. They melted together in that moment and neither of them wanted it to end.

    Piper, as usual, had to pull back after a few minutes to catch her breath, something she was finding hard to catch every time she kissed Alex.


    1. Loving the way they play off each other,the laughter, the kisses,just being together ,feelings of love and being in-love but mostly the honesty between ALEX and PIPER no matter the question.MARTIN still cool af and funny as hell.Hope the journey back to the CARMEN ERA doesn’t pose a threat to them now.plz continue,post soon.thanks

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