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    As Fate Would Have It- Chapter 14

    The four of them sat outside by the bonfire for the next few hours enjoying each other’s company and enjoying feeling comfortable enough to be who they really are. They all, subconsciously, formed a strong friendship between the four of them that night sitting by the ocean. Somewhere in the early morning hours while it was still dark outside, the boys decided it was time for them to head upstairs and go to bed.

    “Well, I guess we’ll let you two get to catching up some more!” Martin said with a wink as he stared Alex and Piper down.

    Alex laughed and kissed Piper on the cheek with a smile.

    “Yeah, it’s way past your bedtime, you old man,” Piper joked to Martin.

    “It’s like 3 in the morning! You better watch it blondie or I’ll tell your girlfriend about the pork chop story…” Martin said with wide eyes and immediately got a horrible glare from Piper.

    Alex looked back at Piper with a smile, “What’s this pork chop story he’s talking about?!”

    Piper shook her head, “it’s nothing!” as she kept her glare with Martin, “It’s nothing at all, just a stupid drunken night…”

    Martin laughed and shook his head at Piper.

    “But I love stupid drunken night stories! Come on babe, tell me,” Alex joked with the blonde but she wasn’t budging. Piper shook her head side to side and smiled at her.

    “She must really like you if she doesn’t want you to know that story,” Martin said, still laughing.

    “I’ll get it out of her one day,” Alex said confidently back to Martin.

    “Oh I’m sure you will! I’m sure you will,” Martin said with a smile as he and Asher stood up from their chairs.

    “Well, ladies it’s been great but I need to get this one to bed so he won’t be cranky on our drive back in the morning!” Asher joked as he put his arm around Martins waist.

    Martin glanced at Asher and put his arm around his back, “He’s right, he’s only known me a week but he learned one of the most important lessons about me early!” and everyone laughed.

    “Good night honey,” Martin said as he leaned down and kissed Piper on her cheek, “you did good! It was a wonderful party.”

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    1. Loving the way they play off each other,the laughter, the kisses,just being together ,feelings of love and being in-love but mostly the honesty between ALEX and PIPER no matter the question.MARTIN still cool af and funny as hell.Hope the journey back to the CARMEN ERA doesn’t pose a threat to them now.plz continue,post soon.thanks

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