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    I’d Chose You

    It’s been a week since the day of my birthday party and I’m still just so overwhelmed by everything that happened. I love Claire I do but I love Vanessa why teenage love have to be so hard. I feel bad for cheating on Claire what is kissing some one cheating? Of course it’s cheating what am I thinking and more importantly what am I supposed to do. Gahhh this sucks I guess I should get out of bed. It’s the weekend so I don’t have school but still I’m hoping I can talk to Claire and then maybe Vanessa. ”Rose, Vanessa is here!” My dad yells from the bottom of the steps I haven’t told him about everything that happened. There’s a knock on my door and I unlock my door and opened it. ”Hey, Vanessa come in.” I say stepping aside so that she could come into my bedroom. ”Wow your new bedroom is awesome.” Vanessa says walking into my room. ”Thanks.” I say shutting my door. ”So about the kiss. I didn’t mean to screw things up for Claire and you.” Vanessa says sitting at the chair by my computer desk. ”It takes two people to screw things up. And if I remember right I kissed you.” I say sitting on my bed. I stare at her I want so badly to kiss her but things are just so messed up and I really need to talk to Claire. There’s a knock on my door ”girls there’s lunch for you both on the table I have something’s I need to do with Johnny, I’ll be back later.” My dad says before leaving the house. We both get up and head toward my kitchen to eat our lunch. ”I know you kissed me but I could have stopped you. I just I didn’t want to.” Vanessa says smiling as takes a sip of her tea. ”So what does this all mean Vanessa?” I ask before hearing a knock at my door. I get up from the table and walk over to the door. I open it to see Claire standing there. ”Claire, hi how are you?” I ask even though I probably already know the answer. I move aside so that she could come in and she does she stops and stares at Vanessa who’s sitting in the dinning room still. ”Great she’s here. Well I just came by to tell you that I don’t want to see you anymore.” Claire says with a tear coming down her face I went to hug her and she pushed me away. ”I never meant to hurt you Claire honestly. But I need you to know I can’t stop my feelings for Vanessa. I love you Claire I do.” I say before Claire cuts me off. ”I knew you loved Vanessa, I guess I just that that when we started dating I would be enough. But I never will be enough for you will I.” Claire says crying ”Claire I never meant for this to happen. And I wish I didn’t hurt you the way that I did.” I say before adding ”Maybe one day we could be friends again.” I say looking at her she’s still standing by the door. ”I can’t just be your friend Rose it’s to hard I have to do.” Claire says running out of my house crying. I shut the door and place my head against it. I never meant to hurt her but deep down I knew I never could love her the way I love Vanessa. ”Are you okay Rose?” Vanessa asks pulling me into a hug. I hug her tightly and when I pulled away I kiss Vanessa. ”It’s always been you!” I say looking into her eyes. ”Rose if I didn’t kiss you on your birthday and you had to chose Claire or me who would you have picked?” Vanessa asks me as we sit down on the couch. ”If I had to chose I’d chose you. I knew I loved you since our first kiss my in bedroom.” I say smiling at Vanessa. ”I love you Rose Miller!” Vanessa says pulling me into a kiss. ”I love you too Vanessa LeMay!” I say before going to get changed. After I came back into the Living room Vanessa and I left and headed out to a new and excited adventure in our lives.


    1. Wow, this is kind of sad even though the ending is happy. So many feelings.
      One thing, though: it would have been easier to read if you had broken it up into paragraphs every time someone spoke. But I still like your story.

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