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    Out With It All

    Rose kept looking back and forth from Claire’s tear stricken face to Vanessa’s. Did she really just kiss Vanessa? Accidentally in front of Claire?
    She had to wipe away her own tears just to think at least a little clearer. “Claire-” she began to say.
    Without even letting Rose get a word in, Claire responded all while walking towards Rose’s front door, ”Save it. I don’t even care anymore.” Rose noticed how distraught and hurt her face looked. Her usually smiley, perky face was no more. In its place were two bloodshot eyes from the constant tears that were rolling down her face and a beet red complexion. Without any hesitation she opened the door and bolted outside.

    Rose knew she couldn’t just let Claire leave without some explanation or an apology. She felt Vanessa’s hand lightly grasp her’s.
    ”Go after her.”
    Rose meekly smiled at her and did just that. When she was outside she noticed that Claire hadn’t even left. She just sat on Rose’s front steps, her knees curled up to her chest and her head lowered. When she felt someone else’s presence she looked up to find Rose.
    ”You’re still here.” Rose tried to convey a somewhat happy tone to let Claire know that she had absolutely no hard feelings for her.
    ”Yeah, well I can’t exactly leave. My Mom’s here and she’ll know something’s up.”
    ”Oh, right.” As Rose sat down next to her, she noticed that Claire scooted an inch away from her. Minutes ago the two were grasping each other’s hands in an adorable embrace and expressing how much they mean to each other. Now, it’s like Claire wanted nothing to do with Rose.

    The two sat in silence for a minute or two. Rose was trying to clear her mind of ’the kiss’ and seeing Claire’s heartbroken face- but she just couldn’t. She missed Vanessa too much and because of both of their hardcore feelings for one another, the kiss between Rose and Vanessa just happened. Why couldn’t they have just cried into each other’s arms and hugged each other? Why did Rose have to make Claire feel like shit for who knows how long this is going to last?

    Almost as if Claire was inside Rose’s head, she asked her, ”All I have to see is: Why? Why’d you kiss her?” Rose noticed she let out a few sniffles from the tears.
    Rose brought her head into her hands as she let them rest on her knees. ”I don’t know. I have no clue what I was thinking.”
    ”I can see that,” Claire responded. Claire herself, wasn’t even sure how she was supposed to react. Rose seemed apologetic and sorry for her actions, but that couldn’t erase what happened.
    Rose lifted her head and looked Claire directly in the eyes. ”All I can say is I’m sorry. I love you, you know that. And I would never intentionally try to hurt you.”
    Claire lowered her head, away from Rose’s infectious dimples. ”I know…” She paused, possibly trying to figure out how she felt about Rose at this given time. ”I’m just worried that you’ll go off with her and leave me behind. I can’t compete with her and the history you two have.”
    Rose grabbed Claire’s hand and lifted her chin so the two were looking at each other once again. ”You’re my girlfriend. Not Vanessa. Do I love her? Of course, I’m not going to deny that.”
    Claire’s facial expressions lowered into disappointment at the mention of Rose loving Vanessa.
    ”But,” Rose gave her girlfriend’s hand a squeeze to emphasize her words were true, ”I’m not going to leave you high and dry, just because Vanessa’s back in my life.” Her voice quivered from how honest she was currently being, ”You mean so much to me.”

    This time the two girls’ eyes were tearing up from the tender moment between them. ”I’ll talk to Vanessa and we’ll sort all of this out.” A pause occurred again. ”I love you Claire Daniels and I never intended to hurt you the way I just did.”
    Rose could tell that Claire still felt a little indifferent about the situation, but this was all sure to pass.
    Rose leaned in to give Claire a sweet and meaningful kiss to prove her admiration for her once more.

    But if Rose really and honestly adored Claire, how come just now, there were no fireworks and sparks between the two like there was with Vanessa? And how come every time Rose closed her eyes, all she saw was Vanessa?

    A/N: I kinda strayed a little bit from the ”What Was Rose Thinking” contest. She’s discussing what happened during the kiss with Claire, but it’s not entirely in her head. I hope that’s okay.




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