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    Rose & Vanessa

    The doorbell rang, while Vanessa was reading on her brother’s couch.
    ”open the door please, Vanessa.” She heard her brother calling from somewhere in the house. She put her book down and went to the door. She turned the key and opened the door. Her face light up as she saw Rose at the doorstep, her eyes red and her face worried.
    ”Rose? How did you know I was here?” she asked.
    ”I didn’t.” Rose hugged her. She let herself cry a little on Vanessa’s shoulders. Rose didn’t realize how much she missed her best friend before that hug, and how much she needed her.
    ”what are  you doing here?” Vanessa asked.
    ”I… I was worried about you.” Rose wiped a tear.
    ”what about Claire?” Vanessa asked, Rose started to cry again. Vanessa let her in and closed the door.
    ”I can’t do this. I can’t.” Rose sat on the couch and put her head in her hands. Vanessa gave her a glass of water.
    ”who was at the door?” Matthew came to the living room with a towel on his head, and then saw Rose sitting on the couch, crying. ”oh, hey Rose, nice to see you.” He said, she looked up to him. ”what’s the matter?” he asked.
    ”can you leave us alone please, Matthew?” Rose’s voice was shaking.
    ”of course. Just call me if you need anything, okay?” he said, they nodded.
    ”so what’s wrong?” Vanessa put her hand on Rose’s shoulder. Rose turned her head to her. They were looking in each other’s eyes.
    ”they’re all so mean. It’s horrible.”
    ”who? What happened?”
    ”today, I came in to the locker room to change and Britney Robinson started hitting and kicking me.”
    ”what? Why?” Vanessa was shocked.
    ”she told me that it’s inappropriate for me to be there while they’re changing. Can you understand this?” Rose raised her voice a little.
    ”I’m sorry, that’s terrible.” Vanessa grabbed Rose’s hand. They looked at each other, then pulled their hands back quickly at the same time. ”did she hurt you?” Vanessa asked, after a few seconds of awkward silence.
    ”no. I’m fine.” Rose looked at the floor tiles.
    ”so what happened with Claire?” Vanessa stopped the silence again.
    ”It’s nothing… she just drives me crazy sometimes, that’s all.”
    ”do you… love her?” Vanessa asked, worried about the answer.
    ”I…” Rose started to say, then saw the way Vanessa was looking at her and stood up quickly. ”don’t do that.” She said.
    ”do what?”
    ”that’s not how it works, Vanessa! You can’t do this to me when you know how much I wanted this,”
    ”Rose, wait. I’m not trying anything-” Vanessa started to say, but Rose got in the middle.
    ”I’ve moved on. And then you come to me and you do this when you know I’m in the worst time that I-” this time Vanessa started talking,
    ”you came to me, remember? Maybe you should figure out why exactly you did that. Not that I don’t like having you here, I missed you, Rose, but don’t blame me. This time it’s on you.” She came closer to her.
    ”I don’t know why I’m here.” She didn’t yell this time, she spoke quietly and her voice was cracked. ”I missed you too, a lot. But it’s just too late. It’s not fair.” She said. There were about two little steps between them at that moment.
    ”I know.” Vanessa said, looking into Rose’s eyes. They both took one step towards each other and kissed. As they parted, they looked at each other for a few seconds, not realizing completely what had happened just then. Then they smiled, holding each other.


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