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    The heart-shaped pendant


    Toronto: Rose is in her room. The sound of rain is the backdrop to her thoughts …

    Several months are passed from her birthday and the summer draws to a close.

    Rose looks at the pictures on her desk; tears streaming down her face and her heart is full of sadness. She thinks about her birthday, the joy for the return of Vanessa but at the same time thinks about the heartbreak of sweet little Claire.

    Still, she is holding in her hands the Claire birthday gift, a heart-shaped pendant engraved with their names; can not get rid of it, it’s stronger than her! She still thinks her visit to the museum of Scarborough and her first kiss at Daniels home and feels to die. After the excitement for the return of Vanessa, she realized how much pain caused to the little Claire. Every time she thinks back, it’s like a dagger that pierces her heart, and he can not find peace.

    It is evening, and suddenly a lightning pierces the gloom of the room of Rose and the light illuminates her pendant; Rose realizes that she has to do something about it, but is tormented by the fear of rejection. She knows it will be difficult to speak with Claire, knows it is not easy to overcome a disappointment so great, but she has to take the risk.

    Claire, however, is long gone; Now she attends the first year of college in Vancouver.

    It now seems impossible to try to talk to her.

    Vanessa, now aunt, has re-embraced her mother and finally the family LeMay has found harmony.
    Alicia knows what Rose suffers for what happened and knows that Claire will return to Toronto for the birthday of her aunt, Cynthia.

    She decides to organize a beautiful surprise party; Alicia invites Rose out to dinner and invites Claire simultaneously in the same place and at the same time.

    The long awaited day comes, and Alicia’s plan seems to be working, but at the sight of Rose, Claire decides to leave the restaurant, but just as she is about to leave Rose, she sees the reflection of the glass in the door and realizes that Rose wears a special pendant , an heart-shaped pendant, the same pendant with their names! Then She stops and after a long moment of silence decides not to go away. Her face is full of tears. Rose approaches her and bursts into a long cry. Rose asks forgiveness for having made her suffer, and with heart in her throat shouting: ”Claire, if you can, forgive me!” Claire decides to embrace her friend, and grant forgiveness. A long embrace wet from tears and broken only by some sob.

    Now in Toronto it not raining, and a beautiful rainbow seals this beautiful moment.


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