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    Books and Letters – (Chapter: I Will Protect You)

    Ashley’s POV

    I opened the front door and threw my keys and purse on the end table by the coat rack. Man I was exhausted. I shut the door and locked it. Yeah I was still being cautious even though my dad said we were in the clear. I kicked my shoes off and left them in the middle of the floor. No doubt Spencer would complain about that later but I didn’t care. All I wanted to do right now was see my blonde. I then made my way up the stairs, figuring my beautiful blonde was in our room, seeing as she wasn’t anywhere down stairs. I opened the door to our room and I saw my blonde tossing and turning in our bed. She must be having another nightmare. She got those a lot lately. I walked over to the thermostat and turned it down. It felt like a fucking heat box in here. I went over to the bed and tried shaking Spencer awake.

    Ashley: Spencer wake up.

    I cooed and she still continued to toss and turn.

    Ashley: Spencer, Spencer, Spencer, wake up.

    She still wouldn’t wake up. God trying to wake her up was like trying to wake a dead man.

    Ashley: Spencer! Spencer! You have to wake up!

    Suddenly she shot up out of the bed and I stared at her wide eyed.

    Spencer: Holy Shit!

    She exclaimed, grabbing at her throat, desperately sucking in as much oxygen as she could. I grabbed a hold of her shoulders.

    Ashley: Baby are you ok?

    I asked concerned. That dream must have been bad. She began to cry and clutched onto me.

    Ashley: Oh Spence…

    I said not really knowing what else to say. She cried harder and I held her tightly to me. I rubbed circles in her back hoping to sooth her. I then pulled away from her as her crying began to subside. I looked her in her eyes and wiped the tears off of her beautiful cheeks.

     Ashley: Are you okay? It wasn’t those damn clowns again was it?

    I asked and she laughed a little. I smiled.

    Ashley: See that’s what I want to see.

    I said smiling. She sighed heavily and hugged me again.

    Spencer: I love you Ashley…so much.

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