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    Chapter 3 – The Finale

    Adventure 2


    Officer Jade Blair- Please, get dressed and step out of your vehicle.


    Spashley- Fuck!


    A few minutes later the girls now fully clothed, exit Spencer’s car. Officer Blair circles them eyeing them both from top to bottom.


    Officer Blair – MMM, MMM, MMM! You girl’s are Hot!


    Spencer looks at the officer in disgust.


    Ashley – Excuse you?!


    Officer Blair – I’m sorry girls, really I am. I’m not going to arrest you. It just looked like you were havin’ a lot of fun in there.


    She looks at the car before looking back at them and wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.



    I was just wondering if I could be of any assistance? That is if you ladies find me attractive enough.


    By now the girls had already subconsciously scanned the tall blonde Officer’s tanned, toned body. She was a perfect ten in every way.


    Ashley – Look uh…Officer Blair…


    Officer Blair- Call me Jade. She interrupts in a sexy husky tone.


    Ashley – Look Jade, she mocks…There was a time when I woulda jumped you and fucked you into a coma that you probably wouldn’t come out of for at least a week then you’d hunt me down beggin for more…


    Jade is getting really turned on listening to Ashley detail their would-be sexual experience. She’s stunned at the certainty in Ashley’s voice.


    Ashley- Oh yeah! It’d be that fuckin’ good! Unfortunately for you, we just got back together after I let another girl come between us, and I’m not gonna let any more drama get in the way of our happiness ever again!


    Spencer hasn’t said a word, and she’s not going to either. Instead she waits for Ashley to say her piece. Then, she walks up to Jade and plants a big kiss on her. They make out for a minute. Ashley can’t believe her eyes, but then she realizes that was Spencer’s way of showing she’s okay with it, and wants to have the threesome. Spencer and Jade lock in another deep kiss as Ashley begins to suck on Jade’s neck. The sensation forced her to break the kiss with Spencer. Jade kisses Ashley passionately. Then, she gives Spencer a quick kiss. Next, the girls engage in a triple-kiss all three tongues battle for dominance, but none are willing to give in. Meanwhile, Ashley and Spencer’s hands play with Jade’s perfectly perky breast, and she uses her hands to reciprocate the pleasure to the couple in front of her.

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