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    Chapter 2

    Officer Jade Blair- Ladies… You’re going to have to vacate the premises immediately. It is illegal to engage in any kind of sexual activity in public. I suggest you head home now, or I will have to arrest you.

    Ashley stops and looks up at the women holding the flashlight, and for the first time the Officer gets a good look at her too.


    Officer Jade Blair- Oh my God! This unbelievable! I mean it…I can’t believe this! You’re Ashley Davies! Listen, to me, I’m as giddy as a little schoolgirl! Oh my God! You’re so beautiful and talented, and hot! Shit! Did I just say that out loud? She rambles.


    While Ashley and Spencer lay there looking up at her in irritation. Ashley loves her fans, and Spencer accepts that she has to share her with them, but neither one of them wants to be stopped during sex.


    Then, she pauses to regain her composure. Um…Anyway Miss Davies, I’m so sorry I didn’t realize it was you… carry on.


    The Officer gets back in her car and drives off allowing Spashley to pick up where they left off.


    Spencer – You heard the Officer, carry on!


    Ashley – Yes Ma’am!


    This time when Ashley goes down on her, Spencer’s body reacts more wildly. The delay in gratification caused by the interruption has intensified her desires. Ashley, can barely hold on enough to continue pleasuring her girlfriend, her back arching, her legs over Ashley’s shoulders, while she bucks endlessly towards her.


    Spencer – Oh baby! Oh! Just like that! Yeah! Moaning Yeah! Moaning ASH!


    Ashley- SPENCE!


    Spencer made Ashley cum again at the exact same time as Spencer!


    If you don’t want to read the other adventure, I guess you’re done. Thanks for reading! If you do, go to chapter 3.

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