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    Feel Alive – (Chapter: As a Reminder.)

    Greenlee looks at the digital clock that she has just so rudely
    smacked off. She reads it as 8:00am in its unforgiving red details.
    She sighs deeply and crawls out of her bed sluggishly. She heads for
    the shower on this cloudy, Monday morning with a slight stutter to
    her step. She strips of her nightie and turns on the shower. As she
    steps into the shower, she gasps at the cool temperature before it

    "Monday morning…oh God, it’s Monday already." She groans putting her
    head in her hands against the shower wall, "Kendall, I know you hate
    me now…but I have to try."

    She finishes her shower and dresses with trembling hands. She takes
    one last, long look in the mirror to make sure she looks like a day
    at the office, but does not look severe like she has the last few
    months. It is a hard balance for her to strike lately. She is
    positive it is as good as it is going to become. She grabs her
    handbag and exits her bedroom. She looks at the kitchen thinking
    about breakfast, but decides against it.

    "I’ll just a get a coffee on the way to work. I’m too nervous to
    eat." She puts her coat one and slides out the door.

    Kendall stands outside the Fusion building looking at the entrance.
    She hasn’t seen Greenlee’s car yet, but she could have taken a cab.
    She continues to ponder this as a light snow begins to fall. This
    decides her dilemma for her.

    `I guess I don’t want to stand in the cold snow.’ She opens the door
    to the still mostly empty building and trudges through it; `If she is
    up there we keep it simply business and if I can’t do that then I’ll
    just leave.’

    She steps into the elevator and fidgets the whole way up. She sighs
    in relief as the doors open revealing a still dark office. She
    doesn’t bother turning on the lights just yet. As far as she knows,
    she is the only one coming to the office today. Liza went to the
    make-up conference in Aspen. Mia was at home trying to make up some
    lost time with Jake and the wedding planning, and Simone had been
    entrusted with working with that annoying photographer for the
    afternoon at her studio. So, if Greenlee stayed home it would just
    be Kendall.

    "I couldn’t be more alone." She sighs.

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