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    Feel Alive – (Chapter: I can’t…Can I?)

    Kendall follows Simone on a lovely if cold Friday afternoon. They
    easily checked all the invoices and decided that an impromptu
    shopping spree, albeit a small one, was definitely in order before
    delving into Kendall’s emotional trauma so soon. They walk silently
    toward Simone’s room at Myrtle’s. Kendall didn’t want to go back to
    her own room, which was still a drunken mess. Simone offered to get
    take out and her room to talk in. All day even during the shopping,
    Kendall had been wound tight. Simone knows she shouldn’t expect
    anything else, but she really was hoping to get Kendall to relax just
    a little. Kendall seats herself on the end of Simone’s bed after
    taking off her coat. Simone sets the take out down, removes her coat
    and hands Kendall her food. For a few moments, Kendall plays with
    the Chinese food before she sets it aside. Simone takes one last
    bite of hers and then puts her aside as well.

    "Kendall, you are skin and bones as it is. Yes, muscular skin and
    bones, but still you have to eat." Simone scolds.

    "I…I really am just not hungry. My stomach is all tied up in knots.
    I’m sorry, Simone." Kendall tries to apologize.

    "Kendall, don’t. I do understand. It’s hard to eat when you are
    upset. I know that. I just don’t want you to get sick." Simone

    "Thank you for caring….at least someone does." Kendall smirks.

    "Do you…I mean can you tell me what happened? Was it just…." Simone
    feels the blush color her cheeks, "well, ***** or do you think she
    could have feelings for you, too?"

    "I don’t think she has feelings for me except what she showed
    yesterday." Kendall drops her head into her hands, "I love her….and
    she…*****! She just doesn’t love me. How could I expect her to? I
    mean no one else has. I just need to suck it up and keep going. I
    know that is what she is going to be doing."

    "Kendall, that doesn’t sound like Greenlee, but then none of this
    sounds like either of you from what I know of you both. I am still
    sort of in shock here about it, but if you love her you should tell
    her so that at least she has all the information." Simone offers.

    "I can’t do that." Kendall raises her eyes to look at Simone.

    "Why not?"

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