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    Feel Alive – (Chapter: Right under your nose.)

    Greenlee wakes up in her bed shaking and sweating trying to clear her
    head of the nightmare she just had. She rubs her face in an attempt
    to bring reality more into focus. She had been hoping to sleep in,
    but her mind had other ideas apparently as she looks to the digital

    "*****!…8 am…no rest for the wicked…oh *****, who are we kidding? No
    rest for the down right evil ***** that I am. What a thing to wake
    up to…" Greenlee slides out of bed neglecting her robe and stumbles
    her way to her kitchen.

    As she fills the coffe pot, she can see the scene from her nightmare
    play out right in front of her. She grabs the counter for support as
    it washes over her.

    <<< "Kendall, I’m sorry that I used you…I didn’t mean to…I mean..I…"
    she stutters.

    "You didn’t mean to…yeah that sounds right…I cared about you…I tried
    to be there for you and you whipping me emotionally is what I got in
    return. You all think I am not capable of love…not worth loving…
    well, maybe you’re right…" Kendall turns to walk away from Greenlee
    taking the elevator down to the exit.

    Greenlee stands there mere seconds before she flies out behind
    Kendall taking the stairs as fast as she can trying to beat the
    elevator down. She sees the elevator empty as she hits the first
    floor. She runs out the front door and yells at Kendall to stop.

    "Why should I?! Do you need another quick toss in the sack….oh on
    the table to feel alive again….can I give you that before I go?!"
    Kendall screams as tears pour down her face.

    "No! Please let me explain…I don’t know what to do?!" Greenlee

    "You knew what you were doing! Kendall will jump me and then go on
    about her business that’s what she does….well, not anymore damn it!"
    Kendall steps off the curb and never hears the horn that blows at her.

    "Kendall! NO!" >>>

    Greenlee snaps her eyes wide open as she hears the coffee pot signal
    its finished brewing. She tries to release her grip on the counter,
    but her hands are squeezing it so tight she has to wait for them to
    obey. She shakily pours herself a cup of coffee and slumps into a
    chair at the breakfast bar.

    "I…I can’t lose her, too. I don’t know exactly what that means, but
    I can’t lose her, too." Greenlee tells herself quietly, "I need to
    get out of here and think." She drinks her coffee as she heads back
    to her bedroom and dresses casually for a day out.

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