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    Feel Alive – (Chapter: Turned into Bianca?)

    Kendall walks into the Valley Inn with a red face, but no longer
    crying. She wished she knew where Aidan was. At least, she knew he
    would listen to her if nothing else. She strides into the bar and
    sits down.

    "What will you have?" the bartender asks.

    "Vodka with ice…. make it a double…" she breathes out. The drink is
    set in front of her.
    She looks into the clear liquid if only her life were that clear to

    `Now, what do I do? I just fu…no it wasn’t that to me…I just made
    love to Greenlee Dupree, but…oh God…I’m turning into Binky…wouldn’t
    she get a laugh..’ her mind wonders as she slams down the vodka and
    calls for another.

    Time passes and she loses track of how much she has had to drink.
    She knows happy hour has already started as patrons begin to fill the
    bar. All that is left for her is to drink and go to bed alone.
    Then, she can get up and go to a building housing her new business
    with a woman who will never look at her the same way again. She
    waves for another drink and the bartender brings it with a check.

    "I think that will do it for you, Miss Hart." He offers.

    "I haven’t been unruly and I am not falling asleep on the bar. Not
    to mention it isn’t like I am going to be driving anywhere." Kendall
    actually manages to say without slurring.

    "I’m sorry, Miss Hart. It is the Inn’s policy. Technically, I was
    supposed to cut you off about an hour ago." He tries to explain.

    "Okay, okay…I understand." Kendall actually slurs a little that
    time, but she slams her drink and begins the trek out of the bar only
    to run into Simone.

    "Kendall?" Simone sees the glazed over look in her new friend’s eyes.

    "S-simone…how are ya?" Kendall tries to pull herself together.

    "Ohhhh…by the smell of your breath better than you…come on let’s get
    you up to your room." Simone takes Kendall’s arm and they walk to
    the elevator together.

    "I’m fine…you know what though…I may just be little tipsy." Kendall
    confides with a sad grin.

    "Yeah, hon…just a little." Simone looks at her new friend, "I want
    you to know that you can talk to me if you need to, Kendall." Simone
    keeps a hold on Kendall’s arm.

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