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    HeartLake – (Chapter: Three: Tortillera Degenerada)

    Kyla opens the door to the Rec Room. There are a few girls around the pool table. Some are wearing uniforms, the rest aren’t. She walks over and joins the crowd watching the game. She can’t tell who’s winning, the red-head or the brunette with the tattoo on her hand. After a few minutes she gets bored and leaves. “Yo! You with the face, what’re you doing down here?” A Jersey accent asks. Kyla turns around to the brunette from the game. “I have a name you know. Maybe you should try asking it!” Kyla snaps at her. “Looks like we’ve got some fresh meat girls.” The red-head and a blonde come into the hallway. “What do you want? I don’t have time for this.” Kyla is annoyed.
    “You know what? I should pound your face in, but I like your attitude… I’m Carmen by the way.” The brunette introduces herself. Kyla doesn’t hear the other two girls’ names. “I’m Kyla. And I’m going to be late. Can we catch up later? I have an audition.” She starts going back upstairs. “Yeah, I’ll find you…” Carmen calls after her.

    Ashley peeks out the door. A golden mane of hair disappears into Kyla’s room. When she gets to her dorm she is hit by the tempo of Latin music. Her roommate is still on the phone but now she is dancing around the room. She turns her music down when she notices Ashley. “Eah chica! Que pasa?” Ash looks around. “Me?” “Sí, Tú.” “Nada, pero tengo hambre. Quiero comer.” This is almost the extent of Ashley’s Spanish skills. “Sabes español?” The girl looks surprised. “Eh, un poco algo.” Ashley shows a small space between her fingers. “Ok, ok. Madison by the way.” She hangs up her phone. “Ashley, nice to meet you.” She notices Madison’s dancer’s body and reddish hair. “Wanna go grab some lunch?” Madison asks. “Yeah. I’m starved. But, we have to get my sister too.” She texts Kyla from in front of the main building.

    Kyla comes up behind her sister and Madison, who are conversing in Spanglish. “Ky, this is Madison; Mads this is Kyla.” Ashley introduces them. They get their food and sit with Madison’s friends. Kyla looks around, finding Carmen at another table. She walks over and taps her shoulder. “Who the hell—“ Carmen turns around angrily. “Looks like I found you.” Kyla smiles. “Yeah, hey. Wanna sit?” Carmen scoots over. “Yeah, for a bit. My sister is eventually going to realize I’m gone though.” Kyla groans. “I get that. I’m the same way with my sisters.” “So, what’s up?” “Nothing big. I heard about your audition.” Carmen smirks. “Ugh, don’t remind me. I think I tanked it.” Kyla puts her head down. “You didn’t, everyone’s saying you’re really good. But since you’re a freshman they might not cast you.” Carmen pokes her. “I know. All because that bitch Spencer shooed me off the stage.” Kyla grumbles. “She’s head of the drama club. She practically owns the auditorium.” “So, are you saying I need to start kissing her ass?” Carmen coughs. “Um… something like that. I’ll see if I can put in a good word for you.”

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    1. oohhhh so things are def going to be interesting between ash and mads. can’t really tell if carmen is going to be trouble or not.. hmmm. anyway great update, pms please (oh and can’t wait for neighbor boy too!)

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